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volvo the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 46 PR ODUCT NEWS: Volvo Spending hours digging out rocks from a fast-flowing river in the tropical heartlands of Indonesia requires an excavator that is strong, tough and reliable. For quarry owner, CV Ocbama Group, the EC210D from Volvo ConstrucƟon Equipment proved the perfect choice. For excavators, digging out rocks at a quarry site is one of the toughest applicaƟons around. And when that work has to be done in a fast-flowing river it gets even tougher. Because the site in Desa Air Muring is remote, repairs and downƟme have a parƟcularly negaƟve effect on operaƟons. As a result, the machine had to be reliable as well as robust enough to cope with the strong currents of the Seblat River, from where the material is extracted. H Yurman Hamedi, owner of CV Ocbama Group, explained that the company eventually opted for the Volvo EC210D as it is strong and reliable enough for this work, while its low levels of fuel consumpƟon helped in keeping costs down. "We also like the fact that our local Volvo dealer has a facility close by, and when we made the decision to invest in the EC210D there was already a machine in stock," he said. The 20-tonne rated EC210D loads up to 500m³ of rock per day, which is then transported by truck to a nearby stone crusher. From here it is processed before being delivered to construcƟon projects in the surrounding area. The EC210D works up to eight hours per day and is expected to work in its current locaƟon unƟl the end of 2019. For fast cycle Ɵmes and opƟmum fuel consumpƟon, the EC210D is equipped with intelligent work modes, including the new G4 work mode. Operators can choose the best mode to suit the task, selecƟng from I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy) and P (Power max) mode. The machine is designed for opƟmum profitability, with best-in-class fuel efficiency and Volvo's ECO mode. Excellent service access and a durable design guarantee a long machine life. Volvo EC210D tackles wild rivers and hard rock at Indonesian quarry Volvo EC210D proves tough in Indonesia's hard terrain OpƟmal Jameson Cell performance is maintained by delivering a constant volumetric flowrate of pulp to each downcomer. While operaƟng plants experience fluctuaƟng process flows, the Jameson Cell is equipped with a tailings recycle system, that automaƟcally compensates for feed variaƟons. In addiƟon to maintaining consistent and opƟmal downcomer operaƟon, the tailings recycle improves metallurgical performance by giving parƟcles mulƟple 'passes' through the downcomer contacƟng zone. The Jameson Cell's ability to provide beƩer selecƟvity and to control entrainment means product grade is not affected. Virginia Lawson, Jameson Cell's Technology Manager, says, "This is the first Ɵme an accurate online esƟmaƟon tool has been delivered to the market, and it's incredibly insighƞul. I think many companies have been coy to share this depth of informaƟon, but there's no loss provided the indicator is meaningful." Stainless steel wash water system in coal fotaƟon. Image ©Glencore Glencore Technology introduce accurate Glencore Technology have introduced the first accurate online calculator for estimating the required Cell installation for a given flotation circuit. The online calculator, available for free, takes key parameters like commodity and cell duty to decide what calculations are needed. It takes specific feed and concentrate grades, recovery targets and percentages of solids and it builds each stage through roughers, cleaners and recleaners. The result is a powerful indicator of what the recommendation could contribute to a flotation circuit and to the downstream flowsheet. It reveals what type of Jameson Cell would deliver the outcome and how many bubble-generating downcomers would be required. While the principle of using air bubbles to recover particles is the basis of the technology, it is the way air bubbles are generated and how the bubbles and particles interact that make Jameson Cells unique. In the Jameson Cell, particle-bubble contact takes place in the downcomer. The tank's role is froth-pulp separation and may incorporate froth washing to assist in obtaining product grade. With no agitators, blowers or compressors, Jameson Cell installation is simple and operation is extremely energy efficient. Power consumption is much lower than the equivalent mechanical or column flotation cell. The energy for flotation is simply delivered by the conventional feed pump. online flotation calculator

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