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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 44 SUPPLIER NEWS: Caterpillar Building on the strong heritage of the M Series Motor Graders, the new Cat ® 24 Motor Grader delivers high performance construcƟon and maintenance of mine roads to improve mining truck efficiency. The 24 Motor Grader is equipped with a 7.3m (24Ō) wide moldboard and is applicaƟon matched for medium to large mines running trucks over 180 tonnes (200 tons) payload. An innovaƟve, modular design means components can be removed and installed quicker and easier. Standard Cat GRADE with Cross Slope improves operator producƟvity and haul road quality, which lowers truck Ɵre wear, decreases rolling resistance and reduces premature Ɵre failure. The new motor grader features opƟmised weight balance and 15% more low-end torque compared to the Cat 24M. These features improve tracƟon and help maintain consistent ground speed, especially when carrying a large load on the moldboard, working on grade, or turning under load. An 11% increase in machine weight provides addiƟonal blade down pressure and tracƟve force to increase blading performance, and Consistent Power-to-the-Ground controls engine power levels to offset cooling fan losses, allowing the motor grader to deliver opƟmum performance at all Ɵmes. IMPROVED SERVICEABILITY AND LOWER OPERATING COSTS The Cat C27 engine with ACERT™ technology delivers reliable performance and prolongs target rebuild life by 33% over the C18 engine. The new 533mm (21 inch), 6-speed planetary transmission and improved rear axle bevel gear and final drive extend lower power train service life by up to 33%, substanƟally lowering service costs. Maintenance intervals for the transmission, hydraulic filter and engine air filter, as well as service life for the transmission and rear axle fluids have been doubled. New front axle hose rouƟngs and guards protect steering components from external hazards and improve front axle durability and reliability. A standard fluid service centre allows for fluid filling and extracƟon from one convenient, ground level locaƟon. All machine filters are stacked in a centralised locaƟon for improved access. SAFETY ENHANCEMENTS The Cat 24 features 15 strategically located Ɵe-off points to protect service technicians when performing certain service operaƟons. In addiƟon to standard mini-plaƞorms, walkways, grab handles and non-slip steps, an available Working at Heights package offers stable, secure handrails and handholds for enhanced safety when working around the engine. The machine is Fire Suppression Ready, which allows for easy mounƟng and accommodaƟon of most fire suppression systems. The standard rearview camera improves visibility behind the machine, while forward and side machine visibility is enhanced through opƟonal front cameras. Inside the cab, a new standard seatbelt indicator provides visual and audible alerts when the seatbelt is unfastened, and the system reports the event to the office. A set of two 4x4 LED lights inside the engine compartment enhances visibility for technicians during machine servicing. PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT The Cat C27 ACERT engine powering the new 24 motor grader offers a net power range from 399-518 kW (535-694hp) and provides a 15% low-end torque improvement over the 24M. Two configuraƟons are available to saƟsfy most global emission standards, both offering full power performance at maximum alƟtudes of 3,048m (10,000Ō) and 4,572m (15,000Ō) respecƟvely. The automaƟc power shiŌ transmission uses the Cat Advanced Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) for smooth shiŌing, extended component life and improved operator comfort. Two electro-hydraulic joysƟcks reduce hand and wrist movements by up to 78% over convenƟonal lever controls. The new touchscreen informaƟon display and keypad replace most of the three-posiƟon switches of the 24M design, providing an enhanced operator interface for more efficient control. TECHNOLOGY The new Cat 24 motor grader includes the latest technologies to protect the machine from potenƟal operaƟng or maintenance issues including engine underspeed/overspeed, transmission slip detect, arƟculaƟon eStop, implements lockout and fluid monitoring. Prior to starƟng, the machine performs a diagnosƟc of the coolant, engine and hydraulic oil levels and gives the Ok-to- start. While operaƟng, the machine automaƟcally monitors and alerts the operator of criƟcally low fluid levels. 24 Motor Grader Product SpecifcaƟons Engine C at C27 ACERT Net power (ISO 9249) 399-518kW (535-694hp) OperaƟng weight 73 344kg (161,695 lb)* Moldboard width 7.3m (24Ō) Transmission AutomaƟc, electronic, Power ShiŌ Gear ranges 6(f)/3(r) Top speed 41.9km/h (26mph) f 41.2km/h (25.6mph) r *Typically equipped The new Cat® 24 Motor Grader delivers high performance construcƟon and maintenance of mine roads New Cat ® 24 Motor Grader improves performance, lowers costs and advances safe operation Caterpillar

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