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Weir Minerals and ANDRITZ the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 42 SUPPLIER NEWS: Weir Minerals and ANDRITZ Weir Minerals has announced their long-term strategic cooperaƟon agreement with InternaƟonal technology group ANDRITZ to supply equipment for processing tailings in the mining industry. As part of this agreement, ANDRITZ will supply proven separaƟon and dewatering technologies, thus enabling Weir Minerals to offer complete tailings soluƟons to its customers. "The tailings market is experiencing growth driven by environmental and governmental pressures. We understand our customers are under increased pressure to further improve the management of their mine tailings, which is why we have partnered with ANDRITZ. We are industry leaders in mineral processing equipment, with well-known brands Warman®, GEHO® and Cavex®, all of which are backed by our global service footprint. Our capabiliƟes, teamed with ANDRITZ extensive knowledge on tailings thickening, will ensure our customers receive a complete tailings soluƟon," states Ricardo Garib, Weir Minerals Division President. "Our separaƟon technologies have been proven in a large number of industries, such as food and beverage producƟon, chemicals, biomass, organic waste, and mining. We are very proud to work with Weir Minerals, who operate in over 70 countries worldwide and in the most remote locaƟons, and to contribute to their offering of sustainable and value-added tailings soluƟons with our experƟse and product know-how," says Olaf Müller, Business Area Manager of ANDRITZ SeparaƟon. For a number of decades, WEIR MINERALS have been providing mines around the world with sustainable and cost-effecƟve soluƟons for the management, disposal, and recycling of mine waste. The renowned GEHO® posiƟve displacement pumps transport ores, minerals, and tailings under extreme condiƟons, while minimising both water and energy consumpƟon at the same Ɵme. In 2016, Weir Minerals opened the Weir Technical Centre, which has enhanced the company's global tailings Weir Minerals and ANDRITZ turn tailings into a valuable product Weir Minerals and ANDRITZ make tailings a valuable product offering by developing and tesƟng pipeline and tailings soluƟons as well as manufacturing specific tailings-based products. Weir Minerals take the lead in providing reliable tailings soluƟons that ensure the health and safety of everyone on site and in the communiƟes where they operate, as well as minimising any impact on the environment. Ricardo Garib adds, "This latest agreement complements our overall tailings offering and enables us to provide our customers with a complete tailings soluƟon. Under the brand name IsoDry, we will now offer customers a range of mechanical separaƟon technologies, such as thickeners, filter presses, centrifuges, and vacuum belt filters." WHY DRY TAILINGS? Dry stack deposiƟon removes harmful waste by-products to create a compacted dry cake that can be disposed of safely. The process is safer than alternaƟve soluƟons and beƩer for the environment, allowing for improved recovery of process chemicals and giving back clean water. Weir Minerals take their soluƟons offering one step further by providing sustainable management that sees tailings converted into effecƟve products, reducing costs as well as risks for operators. "Dry stacking of tailings is achieved by using a combinaƟon of belt, drum, stacked pressure plates, and vacuum filtraƟon systems. We are thrilled that we can now offer this opƟon to our customers and opƟmise the performance and efficiency of their tailings process. Our unique ability to specify the manufacture and transport of backfill products from tailings and the recovery of water from tailings slurries can significantly help our customers reduce costs and risks. Our tailings product offering with world-renowned performance combined with our global service footprint will ensure that our customers receive high-quality tailings soluƟons," Ricardo Garib concludes.

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