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JUN 2018

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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 25 AROUND THE REGION: China 中国神华能源股份有限公司利润达到2012年以来的最 高点,因为强劲的市场需求以及政府对产能过剩控制 的不懈努力有助于提高价格。 这家总部位于北京的公司,还经营发电站和铁路,其 利润在2018年1月已经跃升。 在给香港证券交易所提供的最新的声明中,公司公布 净利润已经从一年前的249亿元增长到478亿元,收入 增长36%至2487亿元。 神华表示,今年产量将从2.954亿吨降至2.9亿吨。煤 4.44亿吨下滑至4.3亿吨。 可能由于中国今年开始新的"先进"产能矿区而增 加。公司称,进口量将保持稳定。 神华提议2017年每股股息0.91元,2016年特别股息为 2.51元。 2017年,中国通过关闭一些矿区和限制进口努力消减 需求。 今年,中国最高的规划师- 只要价格保持在或高于可接受的范围内就不在2018年 进行产量限制。 Profit at China Shenhua Energy Co jumped to the highest since 2012, as strong demand and government efforts to rein in overcapacity helped bolster prices. The Beijing-based company, which also runs power staƟons and railroads, had flagged the profit jump in January 2018. In its latest statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the company reported that its net income had climbed to 47.8 billion yuan from 24.9 billion yuan a year ago, with revenue rising 36% to 248.7 billion yuan. COAL PRICE Shenhua said its output this year may fall to 290 million tonnes from 295.4 million tonnes in 2017. Coal sales will also likely slide to 430 million tonnes, from almost 444 million tonnes last year. This performance is in contrast to the naƟon's overall coal output, which may increase as China starts new "advanced" capacity mines this year. Imports will remain steady, the company said. Shenhua proposed a final dividend of 0.91 yuan per share for 2017, compared with a 2.51 yuan special dividend in 2016. In 2017, coal prices were boosted by China's efforts to cut overcapacity by closing some mines and restricƟng imports. Demand was also underpinned by robust economic growth. The NaƟonal Development and Reform Commission, the naƟon's top planner, said this year that it does not intend to introduce output restricƟons in 2018, as long as prices stay in or above a range considered acceptable. 中国神华能源前景 China Shenhua Energy promising outlook Proft at China Shenhua Energy Co jumps to the highest since 2012

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