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China the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 24 AROUND THE REGION: China 兖州煤业股份有限公司在2017年净利润增长超过四倍 后公布了收益。 这家总部位于山东的公司在一份提交给香港交易所的 文件中,称其在位于内蒙古的新矿区投产及并购澳大 2017年利润从16.5亿 元增长至73.6亿元(11.6亿美元),销量增加了29%达 到9680万吨。 尽管有超过22亿元的损失,包括坏账和存货贬值,公 司利润仍在攀升。2017年12月下旬的一份公司声明 显示,内蒙古鑫泰煤业公司计提资产减值准备近15亿 元。然而,公司没有提供更多的细节。 司100%的股权,交易对价26.9亿美元,带来了直接的 产量和经济收益。在半软焦煤和动力煤行业基准价较 高时增加产量加速了兖煤的复苏,截至2017年12月31 日实现全年税前利润3.11亿美元,税前收入26亿美元。 司100%的股权,交易对价26.9亿美元,带来了直接的 产量和经济收益。在半软焦煤和动力煤行业基准价较 高时增加产量加速了兖煤的复苏,截至2017年12月 31日实现全年税前利润3.11亿美元,税前收入26亿美 元。 并购为兖煤带来了重大的财务周转,并加固了我们行 业领导者的地位。" "此次并购重组了我们的业务,优化了现金流,为我 们的股东带来了新的投资,并大大降低了负债。 份约束性协议,以51:49的比例成立关于猎人谷(HVO 合资)运营的非法人型合资企业。 兖煤的总EBITDA达到税前9.88亿美元,包括来自并购 资产MTW(税前1.33亿美元)和HVO(税前1.46亿美 元)的四个月的股权出资。 兖煤首席执行官Reinhold Schmidt承认,此次并购已经 Yanzhou Coal surge bolstered by Yancoal Australia's record profit Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. has reported gains aŌer its 2017 net income rose more than fourfold. In a filing to the Honk Kong Stock Exchange, the Shandong- based company reported a profit jump in 2017 to 7.36 billion yuan ($1.16 billion) from 1.65 billion yuan, with sales rising 29% to 96.8 million tonnes aŌer new mines in Inner Mongolia started operaƟon, and on the acquisiƟon of Coal & Allied Industries Ltd in Australia. Profits climbed despite impairments of more than 2.2 billion yuan, including bad debts and depreciaƟon of inventory. A company statement in late December 2017 showed that the bulk of the writedowns came from almost 1.5 billion yuan in assets held by Inner Mongolia Xintai Coal Mining Co. No further details, however, were provided. COAL & ALLIED INDUSTRIES ACQUISITIONS Yancoal Australia transformaƟonal acquisiƟon of 100% of Coal & Allied Industries Limited from Rio Tinto Limited for US$2.69 billion drove immediate producƟon and financial gains. Increased producƟon at a Ɵme of industry-high benchmark prices for semi-soŌ coking and thermal coals led Yancoal's recovery to announce a profit before tax of $311 million from revenue before tax of $2.6 billion for the full year ended 31 December 2017. Yancoal Chairman Xiyong Li said, "The strategic equity- funded acquisiƟon of Coal & Allied has driven Yancoal's significant financial turnaround and confirmed our posiƟon as an industry leader. "The strength of this acquisiƟon has re-capitalised our business, improved cashflow, brought new investment into our shareholder base and significantly reduced gearing." Having completed the Coal & Allied acquisiƟon, Yancoal entered into a binding agreement with Glencore Coal to establish a 51:49 unincorporated joint venture in relaƟon to Hunter Valley OperaƟons (HVO JV). Yancoal achieved a total operaƟng EBITDA of $988 million before tax, including four months of equity contribuƟons from the acquired assets MTW ($133 million before tax) and HVO ($146 million before tax). Cost reducƟon strategies conƟnued to be supported at all operaƟons, with the Moolarben Stage Two underground mine commencing longwall producƟon in November 2017, on Ɵme and below budget, driving the expansion of low-cost producƟon. Yancoal Chief ExecuƟve Officer Reinhold Schmidt acknowledged that the acquisiƟon has effecƟvely doubled the scale of producƟon at a Ɵme of increasing global coal prices. 兖州煤业澳大利亚有限公司大幅盈利带动兖煤增长

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