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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 22 WASTE TO ENERGY WIRTGEN GmbH · Reinhard-Wirtgen-Str. 2 . D-53578 Windhagen . T: +49 26 45 / 131 0 Blasting? No! Safety? Yes! 2500 SM: Surface Mining combines safe mining operations with modern cost-effectiveness: the 2500 SM replaces the entire equipment otherwise needed for blasting, drilling and pre-crushing. It cuts costs, delivers mined raw materials of higher quality, and ensures more efficient exploitation of the deposits. Take advantage of innovative solutions from the technology leader. A WIRTGEN GROUP COMPANY methods and technologies, to discover new minerals deposits and support the long-term future of the industry." KEY RESEARCH AREAS Three key areas of research include new drilling technologies such as coiled tubing drilling which promises to drill deeper and deliver targeted and higher quality sampling. Once perfected, coiled tubing technology promises drilling exploraƟon at about 1/6th of the cost of tradiƟonal diamond drilling. In the meanƟme, the CRC will also work to find ways to opƟmise the performance of exisƟng drilling technologies. Another key area of research combines drilling and data collecƟon. The CRC will focus of capturing geochemical, petrochemical and seismic data during drilling, developing specialised soŌware that can integrate data collected into 3D geological models in real-Ɵme. This innovaƟon will deliver huge cost savings and vital informaƟon that can inform the best and most cost-efficient exploraƟon decisions. Perhaps most significantly, in the long-term the CRC aims to deploy novel drilling technologies in collaboraƟon with Australia's geological surveys together mapping the deep cover search space providing geological data never before available to earth scienƟsts. This informaƟon will deliver sophisƟcated datasets of rock properƟes in real Ɵme. The informaƟon will be invaluable to geologists but will also provide industry with significant informaƟon to help them assess the risks of mining exploraƟon across the country. Professor Giles says about 7% of the budget for the CRC would be invested in securing future skills for the mining industry by supporƟng about 50 PhD researchers and establishing a VocaƟonal EducaƟon and Training program focussed on the implementaƟon of new technologies in mineral exploraƟon. The MinEx CRC partners include Major mining companies (Anglo-American, Barrick, BHP and South 32), Mining Equipment Technology and Service (METS) companies (Atlas Copco, Geotec Boyles, HiSeis, Imdex, Mackay Drilling, Olympus, Sandvik and Wassara), Geological Survey OrganisaƟons (Geoscience Australia and the Geological Surveys of South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales) and Research organisaƟons (University of Adelaide, CurƟn University, University of Newcastle, University of Western Australia and the CSIRO).

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