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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 2 21 WASTE TO ENERGY The University of South Australia has a leading role in the new MinEx CooperaƟve Research Centre dedicated to developing a more sustainable and producƟve minerals industry for Australia. Supported by $50 million from the Federal Government and more than $150 million in cash and in-kind support from industry, the new CRC will deliver more effecƟve, safe and environmentally friendly drilling technologies linked to in- field sensing and real-Ɵme data analyƟcs. A significant component of MinEx CRC will be deployment of the new technologies in an Australia-wide drilling program which will collect mineral exploraƟon data on never before sampled rocks that are hidden but prospecƟve for minerals. University of South Australia Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Tanya Monro says the MinEx CRC is an excellent example of how universiƟes can play a core role in delivering vital outcomes for the naƟon that are clearly focussed resolving industry challenges. "At UniSA this has always been our focus, so it is fantasƟc to once again be playing a leadership role in the minerals and mining sector to help build a sustainable, innovaƟve and environmentally conscious future for this vital sector in the Australian economy," Professor Monro says. "This is exactly the sort of partnership we, as Australia's University of Enterprise, want to be a part of – one that has real deliverables and one that will support industry innovaƟon and build the right skills for the country for us to maintain our leadership role globally in this sector." UniSA will host the South Australian node of the MinEx CRC at its Mawson Lakes campus. The structure of the new CRC links industry end users through innovaƟve service and supply chain companies to research organisaƟons. This provides a direct pathway to impact for fundamental research. Chief ScienƟfic Officer for the MinEx CRC and John Ralston Chair in Minerals and Resources Engineering at UniSA's Future Industries InsƟtute, Professor David Giles says the goal is to drive a revoluƟon in minerals exploraƟon. "In the Australian context, the cost of exploraƟon for new deposits has risen over the past 30 years and our success rate has declined," Professor Giles says. "We need to improve our performance if mineral resources are to conƟnue their significant contribuƟon to the Australian economy. Mineral resources contributed about 50% of Australia's exports and about 10% of our GDP in 2015-16. "Our efforts at the CRC will focus on developing safer, more producƟve, and more environmentally friendly drilling UniSA leads CRC bid to develop one of the world's most sustainable mining and minerals sectors

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