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JUST BY CHANGING YOUR HYDRAULIC FLUID MORE POWER. LESS FUEL . DYNAV vonik or one of its subsidiaries. Near Ranchi, India, hydraulic excavators mine for coal and roofing slate – but with a critical difference. The conventional hydraulic fluid normally used in the excavators was removed and replaced with a DYNAV formulated hydraulic fluid. The impact of the new fluid was carefully recorded. The highest testing standards, with numerous sensors, flow meters and measuring devices were maintained. More earth was moved, faster loading cycles were achieved and dump trucks were filled faster – just by changing the hydraulic fluid. Learn more and calculate your own fuel savings with easy to use tools at CASE STUDY: Mining excavator in Ranchi, India Triple-down on coal mining efficiency! • Fuel Efficiency in l/t went up 12.8% With a confidence interval of >90% (p-value 92.8%) • Time Efficiency in minutes/trip improved 11.8% With a confidence interval of >85% (p-value 88.9%) • Trip Efficiency in liters of fuel/trip increased 10.6% With a confidence interval of >85% (p-value 86.2%) Over 40,000 tons of earth moved – with the following results:

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