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78 | ASIA Miner | Volume 15 • Issue 1 | 2018 Product News THE new Liebherr T 236 mining truck demonstrates the company's continued innovation in design, paired with the evolution of its own high-quality components and class-leading technology. The new rigid-frame dump truck with a diesel electric drive system is Lieb- herr's entry into the 100-tonne class and is the first in this class with a 4-corner, oil immersed braking system. Since its first public presentation at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, the T 236 has completed testing and recently started field operation trials at the Erzberg Iron mine in Austria. Capitalising on decades of proven experience in off highway truck technologies, the T 236 takes advantage of Liebherr's electric drive system innovations with the introduction of the vertically integrated Litronic Plus Generation 2 AC drive system. This machine provides the industry with a new benchmark in the 100-tonne class for off highway mining trucks - focusing on top per- formance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs. Safe serviceability To ensure the safety of maintenance technicians and bystanders, the T 236 is equipped with double pole battery, starter motor and hoist system isolators as standard. In addition, the truck provides an innovative drive system inhibit, electrically interlocked to grounding devices for each plug and drive power module. Operating on a voltage level of 690 VAC and 900 VDC enables technicians to carry out system maintenance. An industry first, Li- ebherr's Litronic Plus Isolation system ensures the safety of mainte- nance personnel through eliminating hazards by design. The in-line electrical power train layout minimises cable length, while the maintenance-free IP 68-rated plug and-drive power mod- ules ensure reliable operation in all-weather. Combined with the extended life service intervals and minimised maintenance time offered by the ground-level service points, the T 236 ensures max- imum uptime. Liebherr is committed to designing mining trucks that operators want to drive. The ergonomic T 236 cab and the superior properties of the front wheel suspension system fulfils this commitment and promotes driver efficiency with superior comfort, safety, accelera- tion and handling for increased performance. Outstanding performance With its high take off torque and continuous power to ground ca- pability, the T 236 is less sensitive to grade and payload variations, providing customers with class-leading productivity. The T 236 is the first diesel electric truck in class to incorporate an oil immersed braking system with four corner retarding capabil- ities, providing reliable braking technology. All of these integrated technologies provide maximum performance, even in the toughest operation conditions, translating directly into a cost per tonne ad- vantage. Designed to carry up to a 100 tonne payload, when paired with the R 9100, R 9150, R 9200, or R 9250 mining excavators, the T 236 provides the most complete high performance and scalable truck-shovel match. A NEW powered conveyor belt tracker from Martin Engineering de- livers immediate and continuous precision adjustment of hard-to- track reversing conveyors, helping operators reduce spillage and extend the life of belts and other system components. Able to effectively centre the belt regardless of the travel direc- tion, the robust unit has demonstrated greater durability and longer service life than previous designs, translating to a reduced cost of ownership. Versatile enough to run on 110V/220V power or a plant's exist- ing compressed air, the Martin® Tracker™ Reversing can even be specified with the company's Roll Gen™ System, which uses the kinetic energy of the moving belt to produce a supply of electricity sufficient to power sensors, scales, lights and other devices when no power is readily available. "Most reversing belt trackers use a paddle wheel or roller of some kind to move the actuator," explained Martin Engineering product development engineer Andrew Timmerman. "Like anything me- chanical, the more moving parts there are, the more opportunity for something to wear out. "In comparison, this unit reduces the number of parts in a rugged de- sign, using an air or electric actuator to reverse the working direction." Engineered for reliability and longevity, the unit gives conveyor op- erators a new option for powering the tracker, allowing them to best suit their individual circumstances. "We wanted to offer both types of actuator to meet the needs of virtually any location," he continued. "The sensors communicate the pulley direction, sending a signal either to an electrical relay or a pneumatic solenoid to extend or retract the cylinder as needed, depending on which version is specified." For locations where no electricity or plant air is available, Martin Engineering designed the Roll Generator to serve as a self-con- tained mini power station. In those cases, the tracker uses an elec- tric actuator to move the rolls and correct the belt's position. The electric actuator is also used when 110/220V power is available from the plant. The Martin® Tracker™ Reversing is available in Lower Units for installation on the return side of the belt and Upper Units for use on the conveyor's carrying side. Martin reversing belt tracker The Liebherr T 236 mining truck has recently started its first field operation trials at the Erzberg Iron mine in Austria. New 100-tonne truck from Liebherr

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