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VDMA 50 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2018 Most open mines face similar, significant challenges, such as extreme operating conditions and decreasing ore grades. In addition to the ex- pected wear and tear on equipment, they must also move more rock to produce the same amount of metal or coal, which increases the mine's operating costs. Today many open-pit miners are looking toward auto- mation and machine-to-machine communications to improve safety and streamline loading processes. Liebherr Mining Equipment certainly understands Smart Mining principles. In November, the company unveiled a new autonomous haulage solution at a trade show in Cologne, Germany. Testing an initial prototype since 2016, its autonomous haulage development program is well underway and Liebherr plans to begin field trials at a customer site in 2019. "We will offer three options to support various customer approaches to autonomy," said Bryant Ward, executive vice president engineering and development, Liebherr Mining Equipment. "Some customers would like a single supplier to do everything in a turn-key approach. Others want multiple supply options and are prepared for a larger integration effort. In this way, Liebherr will deliver the most flexible and cost-effective way to achieve an autonomous haulage solution." Liebherr intends to provide an open architecture allowing mining com- panies flexibility with respect to the level of OEM content and integration from Liebherr to compliment their existing investments in fleet manage- ment and telemetry. This approach will allow mining companies to use Liebherr equipment along with other equipment and choose the most suitable suppliers for third party solutions, Ward explained. For example, Liebherr's new autonomous ready-haul trucks will be compatible with the Mobius, autonomous command and control platform provided by Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Liebherr has addressed the mining industry's need for interoperability and openness. Its decision to work with ASI means that the compa- ny's autonomous equipment can be controlled under an OEM agnostic command system, providing a high degree of flexibility for mining com- panies that will likely be looking to integrate other autonomous vehicles throughout a mine site. Liebherr manufactures large equipment for open-pit mine, including haul trucks designed to handle payloads as great as 363 metric tons (mt) as well mining-class excavators. Liebherr has recently placed sev- eral of its largest truck at mines in Latin America. A new copper mine in Panama purchased three. The company also placed its first T 284 in Canada as well. In additional to a full line of trucks and excavators, Liebherr also makes and supplies ancillary equipment that supports the mining business such as dozers and diesel engines. At a field demonstration at the Erzberg iron ore mine in Leoben, Austria, during October, Liebherr showcased its T 236 mining truck. This 100-mt haul truck, which is powered by a diesel-electric drive system, is the first in this class with a 4-corner, oil immersed braking system. The T 236 takes advantage of Liebherr's electric drive system in- novations with the introduction of the vertically integrated Litronic Plus Generation 2 AC drive system. Referring to it as the next evolution in electric drive system design, Liebherr said the drive system introduces advanced, active front-end technology. Making efficient use of electrical energy during retarding events, the drive system controls engine speed with almost no fuel consumption. A variable-speed hydraulic system re- duces parasitic losses to provide maximum power, while lowering fuel consumption when power is not required. With its high take-off torque and continuous power to ground capa- bility, Liebherr said the T 236 is less sensitive to grade and payload variations. They also say it's the first diesel electric truck in class to in- corporate an oil immersed braking system with four corner retarding capabilities, providing reliable braking technology. Liebherr also rolled out a new crawler tractor at the Erzberg mine. The 50-mt PR 766 crawler tractor was designed for power, low emissions, efficiency, driver comfort, and durability. The dozer features a hydrostatic drive, ECO function, a 310-kW engine, and an ergonomic cab. A LiDAT fleet management system, which comes standard, pro- vides comprehensive machine data via state-of-the-art communication technology, Liebherr reported. This improves efficiency by enabling optimized operational planning and reliable remote monitoring. Data is updated several times a day and can be called up at any time using a web browser. An automatic alarm can be set for important information, for example if the machine leaves a predefined zone or if a critical op- erating situation arises. Liebherr's components division designs and manufactures mining engines from 565 kW up to 2,013 kW for the Liebherr hydraulic ex- cavators. The R 9100 B and R 9150 B are hosting the D9512, a V12 engine assembled in Bulle, Switzerland, and the R 9400 is currently testing the brand new D9812 from Colmar, France. The Liebherr group has relied on its extensive market knowledge and experience of the mining industry to manufacture V-type engines tailored for these kind of applications. The engines have been engineered face most challenging mining environments such as dust, heat, humidity, vi- brations, and extreme cold conditions. All Liebherr diesel engines are also based on solid and secure designs with constant quality assurance and process monitoring to ensure highest quality standards, parts reli- ability, and on-site safety. With productivity and efficiency as key factors for excavators, Lieb- herr engines can reach outstanding performances and deliver required horsepower at the most demanding moments. It results in reducing every day costs per ton while optimizing the fuel consumption of the machines. The Liebherr engines also benefit from best-in-class cylinder power densities, fastening cycle times of the excavators, and delivering greater productivity outcomes. Furthermore, the engines comply with the most stringent emissions regulations thanks to innovative exhaust gas t e C hno L ogy i MP ro V es o P en Pit Mining Using new intelligent tools, miners pursue automation A copper mine in Panama recently purchased several Liebherr T 284 haul trucks.

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