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VDMA 42 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2018 Markets improved appreciably for the mining sector throughout 2017. Demand for metals and coal increased and prices began to stabilize. Miners who had taken austere measures began to invest in operations again. At first, many were skeptical, but now this upturn looks as though it may be sustainable for a few years at least, maybe more. As the recovery in mining markets begins in earnest, the mining seg- ment of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA Mining) stands ready to help miners restore and optimize operations. This collective group of 200 machinery manufacturers and engineering firms has a notable history of achievement and that reputation continues today. What separates these companies from their counterparts is German dedication to craftsmanship, their expertise and the fact that many are privately held, which gave them the wherewithal to work through the downturn without sacrificing engineering and design staff. Many of the VDMA Mining members used that downtime to develop or further im- prove Smart Mining techniques that will automate mining and mineral processing systems. Combining the power of the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 as the Germans refer to it with real-time data analysis, they have developed some great concepts for moving miners out of harm's way and improving efficiency. And now they are ready to roll these programs out. Speaking at the group's annual meeting at the Zollverein coal mine in Essen, Germany, during November, the Chairman of VDMA Mining Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus said he believes that rising demand for raw material as well as increasing metal prices will allow the mining industry to begin investing again. Based on the figures for the first nine months of 2017, mining equipment manufacturers were expecting to at least repeat their turnover of EUR 2.95 billion from 2016, Schulte Strathaus explained. After seeing revenues decline for four consecutive years, the VDMA Mining member are now expecting to break even in 2017 and a further improvement in 2018. Even though many of the mines in Germany have closed, VDMA Mining helps its members export their services to other mining districts around the world. Looking at projections, Schulte Strathaus said the group was expecting revenue from foreign markets to grow by 1% to EUR 2.84 billion, while revenue from the domestic market was expect- ed to fall by 15% to EUR 110 million. The optimistic outlook is based on an increase of incoming orders from abroad. "In the first nine months alone, orders increased by 38% compared to the previous year," Schulte Strathaus said. "With this sec- tor, it is not unusual that a year or more passes between incoming orders and invoicing, which is why turnover is expected to grow in 2018 and 2019." Schulte Strathaus also explained that the compa- nies' presence on virtually all world markets allows them to balance even significant fluctuations. At the moment, 96% of turnover comes from abroad and about 11,600 staff are employed. VDMA Mining Pre PA res for the f uture Smart mining concepts lead the way toward safer, more-efficient operations

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