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32 | ASIA Miner | Volume 15 • Issue 1 | 2018 Philippines OCEANAGOLD has gained a Special Citation for Excellence in Ecology and Economy (E3) for water management measures at its Didipio Gold-Copper Project in northern Luzon. The award recog- nises the water initiatives of OceanaGold Phils Inc (OGPI), including the $6.1 million automated water treatment (AWT) facility. The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) said OGPI was awarded the E3 citation during the 43rd Philippine Busi- ness Conference and Expo (PBC&E) in Manila on 18 October 2017. The citation noted the initiatives, particularly the recycling of pro- cess tailings water, while additional upgrades in the mine's process- ing plant had reduced its use of freshwater significantly, improving water recycling efficiency up to 90%. OGPI environment manager Jason Magdaong said the AWT fa- cility at Didipio was built to further improve water discharge quality. "Our technology involves the recycling of process tailings water, contributing significantly to the preservation of natural resources and generating savings for the company. "It was a great privilege to be competing against other firms from various industries that have impressive environmental and manage- ment systems in place. We are honoured to be the recipient of this year's PCCI Special Citation in E3 Award". OGPI general manager David Way said that as the government's partner in development, the company ensured that mineral ex- traction was carried out "in the most responsible manner through the collective and dedicated efforts in improving environmental per- formance." The company has been using the safest and most environmen- tally friendly mineral processing technology. "We implement best practices that will minimise the impact of our operation and further enhance our surrounding environment and communities", said Mr Way. Launched in 2003, the PCCI's E3 Award was established to rec- ognise individual enterprises that demonstrate the most innovative and outstanding environmental performance as part of their sus- tainable development strategy, thereby delivering business benefits. Gold and copper output at Didipio is expected to be boosted as underground production ramps up. The company expected pro- duction from the new underground project to begin by the end of 2017. During the September quarter, 31887 ounces of gold and 4387 tonnes of copper were produced at Didipio, with gold production lower than previous quarters, as expected, due to processing of the lower grade stockpile. MEDUSA Mining continues underground development at the Co-O Gold Project in northeast Mindanao. During the September quarter, 6371 metres were developed – up from 5671 metres the previous quarter – with 3697 metres of this being horizontal development, and the remainder vertical. The focus continued to be Levels 7, 8 and 9 to open up new stoping blocks on the high-grade GH vein, with development also continuing on Level 10. Overall, material hoisted for the quarter was 142,799 tonnes (DMT) of ore and waste combined. The quarter saw winding ropes changed out in the Level 8 shaft as well as other general shaft maintenance. Major winder mainte- nance was planned for the December quarter. Completion of the Level 8 pump station has controlled the dewatering such that shaft flooding is now rare. At the Agsao Inclined Shaft a breakdown of pumps on Level 5 resulted in flooding of Level 5 reducing the availability of the Agsao and Baguio shafts. With completion of the Level 8 pump station, the flooding was restricted to Level 5. Work has been carried out to allow the 5 level pumps to operate more reliably and effectively. The 29E and 12E Winzes continue to hoist material from Level 9 and Level 10 to Level 8. The 43E Winze had reached the Level 9 by 30 September, and all three winzes have been linked together by development on Level 9. Development of the 43E Winze is con- tinuing to Level 10. The 48E Winze has also reached Level 9, continuing onto Level 10. The 35E Winze winder chamber is complete, with a sinking winder being set up to continue development of this winze. For the quarter, there was 674 metres of horizontal development and 255 metres of vertical development on Levels 9 and 10. Stop- ing activities continued on Level 9. The E15 Service Shaft has pro- gressed to Level 8 – a total of 378 metres from the shaft collar. The final design depth to level 10 is 512 metres. There was an improvement in production and all-in-sustaining- costs. The operation produced 24986 ounces at an average head grade of 6.59 g/t, compared to 23846 ounces in the June quarter. AISC was US$973 per ounce, an improvement on the US$1180 per ounce in June quarter. Development continues at Co-O The paste fill facility that is being constructed at Didipio. This will be used for the underground operations. Didipio water measures win E3 citation

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