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24 | ASIA Miner | Volume 15 • Issue 1 | 2018 China MAJESTIC Gold expects underground development of the Song- jiagou North property of its Songjiagou Gold Project in Shan- dong Province to be completed in about 12 months. By 30 June 2017, the company had completed 1000 metres of the 2075 metre access ramp. Songjiagou North project area lies immediately north of the Songjiagou open pit operation, within the project's exploration licence boundary. The area underlain by precious metal miner- alised vein structures was converted to a five year, 0.414sqkm mining licence that was granted on February 18, 2016. The mining licence area covers a continuation of the gold min- eralisation that is being developed in the adjacent Songjiagou Gold Mine. Previous sporadic exploration completed by No 3 Brigade between 2001 and 2013 outlined five discrete miner- alised vein structures that comprise a non-compliant NI 43-101 resource found in a Brigade No 3 report titled 'General Explora- tion Report on the Deep and Peripheral Area in Songjiagou Gold Mine, Muping District, Yantai City, Shandong Province' and filed with the Bureau of Land and Resources of Shandong Province in 2013. The company's current plan for Songjiagou North property is the underground development of a 2075 metre ramp to access at least four of the five identified mineralised vein structures from six different levels. The Songjiagou Gold Mine achieved commercial production in 2011 and was expected to produce approximately 25,000 ounces of gold in 2017, an increase of almost 25% compared to the average of the previous five years. Recent improvements to grade control and recovery, coupled with reduced costs for mining and milling, have resulted in all-in sustaining costs falling to under $900 per ounce. Majestic has been unable to realise the full potential of the mine due, in a large part, to the lack of consistent grade control of ma- terial entering the mill after being mined in the pit. The manage- ment is limiting production to the capacity of the 6000 tonnes/ day mill as the company continues to work on implementation of its grade control program, and the development of an optimised mine plan. There are also 1200 tonne and 200 tonne mills at the project. 马捷斯提克金矿公司预计大约在12个月内完成 对位于山东省宋家沟金矿项目的宋家沟北矿区 的地下开采。截至2017年6月30日,公司完成了 2075米斜坡道入口段中的1000米的施工。 宋家沟北矿区紧邻宋家沟露天矿坑的北部,位 矿化脉构造,已划入第一个五年、0.414平方公 里的采矿许可内,该许可证于2016年2月18日取 得。 采矿许可证覆盖范围包括在相邻的宋家沟金矿 开采的黄金矿化区域的延长带。由第三大队在 2001至2013 化脉构造,包括在题为《山东省烟台市牟平区 三号报告中提到的不符合NI 43-101标准的矿产 资源,这份报告于2013年提交给了山东省国土 资源厅。 公司目前对宋家沟北矿区的计划是在地下实施 2075米的斜坡道以从六个不同的工作面进入五 个矿化脉构造中的至少四个。 宋家沟金矿在2011年实现商业化生产,预计在 2017生产约25000盎司黄金,与五年前的平均值 相比几乎增加了25%。最近由于品位控制和回收 的改进,以及采矿和磨矿成本的降低,所有的 维持成本下降至每盎司900美元以下。 马捷斯提克一直未能实现矿井的全部潜力,在 很大程度上是由于在矿坑开采后进入磨矿机的 原材料缺乏一致的品位控制。管理层将磨矿机 产能限制到6000吨/天,因为公司正在继续努 力实施其品位控制计划,并制定优化的矿区计 划。该项目还有1200吨和200吨的磨矿机。 Drilling on a bench in the open pit at Majestic Mining's Songjiagou Gold Project in Shandong Province. Songjiagou North development advances

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