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22 | ASIA Miner | Volume 15 • Issue 1 | 2018 China PU NENG Energy has been awarded a contract for construction of a 12-megawatt per hour vanadium flow battery as Phase 1 of a larger 40MW/hour energy storage project in Hubei Province. It is a major milestone for Pu Neng, a leading vanadium flow battery man- ufacturer, and also represents significant value to Canada's Sparton Resources, whose 89.8%-owned subsidiary VanSpar Mining owns 18% of JD Holding, which owns Pu Neng. The first phase is being installed in Zaoyang integrating a large solar photovoltaic system into the grid. When phase 1 is completed early this year, Pu Neng's Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) will be the largest flow battery installed in China. Following the 10MW 40MWh project, there will be a larger 100MW 500MWh energy storage project that will be the cornerstone of a new smart energy grid in Hubei. This large project will serve as a critical peak power plant, delivering reliability and emissions reductions. As part of the initial agreement, Pu Neng and Hubei Vanadium will jointly develop a vanadium electrolyte supply from local vanadium sources, helping revitalise the local industrial base to meet future demand for energy storage. This type of project is a glimpse of the Chinese electricity grid's fu- ture as the country is halting construction of many coal-fired power plants and pushing the integration of renewable energy with energy storage. On 22 September 2017, the China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released Document 1701, 'Guid- ance on the Promotion of Energy Storage Technology and Indus- try Development' aimed at accelerating the deployment of energy storage. The policy calls for the launch of pilot projects, including deployment of multiple 100MW-scale vanadium flow batteries, by the end of 2020, with the aim of large-scale deployment over the ensuing five years. "We are delighted with Pu Neng's progress this year," said Spar- ton's CEO Lee Barker. "All of the staff are to be commended on achieving this milestone in PuNeng's development as the VRB man- ufacturer of choice for the energy storage industry." Pu Neng chairman Robert Friedland said, "China has the largest and highest-grade vanadium resources in the world and is poised to use this miracle metal to fundamentally transform its electricity grid. With massive amounts of renewable energy and storage com- ing online, China will create the most modern, clean and efficient grid in the world." Pu Neng Energy is installing a Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) in Hubei Province. Major vanadium f low battery contract 全钒液流电池合同 普能能源公司已经获得一项合同,在中国湖北省 建造一个12兆瓦/时的钒液流电池作为一个更大 的40兆瓦/ 一个重要的里程碑,普能是一家领先的钒液流电 池制造商,这对加拿大斯帕顿资源公司来说也意 义重大,斯帕顿89.8%控股的子公司VanSpar矿业 有限公司持有JH控股公司18%的股权,普能属于 该控股公司。 一期安装在枣阳实施,集成一个大型太阳能光伏 成,普能的钒电池(VRB)将成为在中国安装的最 大的液流电池。 一个更大的100兆瓦 500 10兆瓦 40兆瓦时项目后进行,这个大型项目将 将作为一个关键的峰值发电站,不仅稳定可靠而 且可以大幅减少排放。 作为初始协议的一部分,普能和湖北钒业将利用 当地丰富的钒矿资源,共同开发钒电池电解液, 发 求。 中重要的一环,因为中国正在逐步停止建造燃煤 中国国家发改委(NDRC)于2017年9月22日发布的 1701 2020年年底前实现 100 实现未来5 " 斯帕顿的首席执行官Lee Barker先生表示。"对于 普能的董事长Robert Friedland称,"中国拥有 世界上最丰富、品味最高的钒资源,利用这种神 奇的金属将从根本上改变中国能源结构。随着大

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