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OCT-DEC 2017

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Volume 14 • Issue 4 | 2017 | ASIA Miner | 43 China 明科公司推进合资项目许可 明科银业公司继续推进位于广东省的富湾银矿项目和长坑 金矿项目的采矿许可工作。自2016年起,该公司便致力于 将富湾项目与毗邻的长坑项目进行整合。 国土资源部门(MOLAR)批准了一份区域面积为0.79平方公里 的采矿许可证,规定了富湾项目的开采边界,并将该区域 的用途限定为采矿作业。 上交给国土资源部门。 该公司计划于近期完成合并项目的最新版环境影响评估报告。 绿龙燃气锁定煤气层协议 央企中国海洋石油总公司(CNOOC)正加速制定计划以解锁 其与绿龙燃气共同拥有的合资煤气层(CBM)资产的价值。 绿龙燃气与中国海洋石油总公司的子公司中国联合煤气层 有限责任公司(CUCBM)已经完成了合作备忘录的签署。 该备忘录包括5个生产分享协议和2个补充协议,囊括了柿 庄南区块(GSS)和柿庄北区块(GSN)。 绿龙燃气表示,该备忘录的签署耗时8年,解决了GSS和 GSN区块有关历史钻探的所有未决问题。 备忘录签署后,绿龙燃气在GSS的全部1139座在产矿中所 占的股份恢复至70%,同时,该公司继续保持200座未产矿 井的股份和经营权。 中国联合煤气层有限责任公司将于2019年3月底前向GSN投 资1亿美元。 Seven集团出售威斯特(中国) 澳大利亚的Seven控股集团正在将其采矿机械事业部威斯 特(中国)以5.4亿澳元(4.2672亿美元)的价格出售给 利星行机械公司(LSHM)。所得款项将被转移至Seven集团在 澳大利亚的经营中,其中也包括威斯特(澳大利亚)。 自2001年在中国开始运营起,威斯特与卡特彼勒合作在中 国市场占据了可观的份额,特别是在山西、河北、辽宁、 内蒙古、吉林、北京和天津。 Seven集团总经理、首席执行官Ryan Stokes指出:"我们 对于在中国东北市场建立市场领先地位感到骄傲,并且有 信心在CAT主要经销商之一的利星行的带领下,我们的客 户将继续从革新和一流的服务中受益。" 戈壁矿业 其强大的营运资金、宽广的行业接触和内部经验来打造高 品质投资平台。 在完成转型之前,戈壁矿业的首要任务是从投资股票、债 券或者其他上市或私有公司的有价证券、直接股权投资中 获取超额收益。 Minco Silver continues to progress permitting of the combined Fuwan Silver Project and Changkeng Gold Project in Guangdong province. Since 2016 the company has been working to combine Fuwan with the adjoining Changkeng project. A Mining Area Permit, which covers approximately 0.79sqkm, de- fines the mining limits of the Fuwan project and restricts use of this land to mining activities, was approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources (MOLAR). This permit expires on April 10, 2018. The company has completed a development plan for the combined project and this is ready to be submitted to MOLAR. It also expects to complete the latest environmental impact assess- ment report for the combined project soon. Green Dragon finalises CBM agreement STATE-BACKED China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is accelerating plans to unlock the value of the joint coalbed meth- ane (CBM) assets it holds with Green Dragon Gas. An MoU between Green Dragon Gas and CNOOC subsidiary China United Coalbed Methane Corporation (CUCBM) has been finalised. The MoU covers five production sharing agreements and two sup- plementary agreements, all of which cover the Shizhuang South (GSS) and Shizhuang North (GSN) projects. Green Dragon says the MoU, which follows eight years of negotia- tions, resolves any uncertainty related to historic drilling on GSS and GSN. As a result, Green Dragon's stake in GSS reverts to 70% in all 1139 carried wells and at the same time, the company retains its interest and operatorship in 200 non-carried wells. CUCBM will invest US$100 million in GSN by March 2019. Seven Group sells WesTrac China Australia's Seven Group Holdings is selling its mining machinery di- vision WesTrac China to Lei Shing Hong Machinery (LSHM) for A$540 million (US $426.72 million). Proceeds will be diverted to Seven Group's operations in Australia, including WesTrac Australia. Since it began operations in China in 2001, WesTrac has worked in partnership with Caterpillar to establish a sizable market share in China, particularly in Shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Beijing and Tianjin. Seven Group's managing director and CEO Ryan Stokes said: "We are proud to have built a market-leading position in northeast China and are confident that under the ownership of LSHM, a major CAT dealer, our customers will continue to benefit from innovation and first- in-class service." GobiMin to change its business GobiMin intends to change its business from mineral exploration to an investment company. The company proposes to utilise its strong working capital position, its extensive industry contacts and internal expertise to build a portfolio of high-quality investments. Upon completion, GobiMin's primary focus will be to seek superior returns by making investments in equity, debt or other securities of publicly traded or private companies or other entities as well as direct ownership stakes in projects. The company's major exploration interest has been in the Sawayaer- dun Gold Project in Xinjiang province. Minco progresses joint project permitting

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