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OCT-DEC 2017

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40 | ASIA Miner | Volume 14 • Issue 4 | 2017 China 甲玛矿区扩建促进铜产量提升 中国黄金国际资源公司所属的位于西藏自治区的甲 玛铜-多金属项目二期扩建工程的第一阶段将在年 底前完成。2017年上半年,该矿产铜3197万磅,较 2016年同期的2011万磅增加了59%。 该公司称,扩建工作显著提升了产量,2季度额外多 产了38%。该季度产铜1525万磅,较2016年同期产量 的1105万磅有所增加。 2季度,每磅铜的生产现金成本为0.73美元,总生产 成本为1.08美元,上一季度的两项成本分别为0.94 美元和1.36美元,这主要得益于开采出了更高品位 矿石。 二期矿建工程包含两个阶段,每个阶段都会使日开 采和处理矿石能力提高22,000 吨。第一阶段始已于 去年末完成,并于2016年12月开始试运行。这使得 日开采和处理矿石能力由6,000吨提高至28,000吨。 2季度,位于内蒙古的长山壕黄金项目的季度产量为 45,798盎司,较2016年同期的48,867盎司下降了6% 。这主要是因为降低了的采矿回收率。 由于损耗和折旧成本的提高,总的黄金生产成本有 所增加。得益于降低了的废物清理成本,2季度每盎 司黄金的现金生产成本下降了5%至659美元。 我对中金国际2季度取得的良好业绩深感欣慰,经营 收入有所增加而成本有所减少。" ,我们对 于利用良好的经营现状提升黄金产量持乐观态度。 价值的策略来优化资金结构。" 中金国际和其全资子公司Skyland Mining (BVI) 已 订立认购协议,认购Skyland发行的价值5亿美元的 公司债。所得款项净额将用作公司偿还现有债务、 营运资本及一般企业用途。 THE first stage of China Gold International Resources Phase II ex- pansion at Jiama Copper-Polymetallic Project in Tibet Autonomous Region will achieve full capacity by the end of the year. In the first half of 2017, 31.97 million pounds of copper were produced, up 59% from the 20.11 million pounds in the first six months of 2016. The company says the expansion work has increased produc- tion significantly with June quarter figures showing an extra 38% produced. There were 15.25 million pounds of copper produced, up from 11.05 million pounds in the corresponding period of 2016. Cash production cost, US$0.73, and total production cost, US$1.08, of copper per pound decreased from US$0.94 and US$1.36 respectively in Q2, mainly because of the higher ore grade mined. The Phase II expansion comprises two stages with each provid- ing daily mining and mineral processing capacity of 22,000 tonnes. Series I was completed late last year with commissioning beginning in December 2016. This has increased daily capacity from 6000 tonnes to 28,000 tonnes. At CSH Gold Project in Inner Mongolia quarterly production was 6% lower than Q2 of 2016 with 45,798 ounces produced, down from 48,867 ounces. The decrease was mainly due to lower re- covery rates. The total gold production cost increased due to higher depletion and depreciation costs. The cash production cost for the June quarter decreased by about 5% to US$659 per ounce due to lower waste removal costs. Commenting on the results, company CEO and executive director Bing Liu said, "I am pleased to report that China Gold International saw a strong second quarter with increased revenue and reduced production costs. "As the CSH mine enters into what is traditionally its peak produc- tion quarter, we are optimistic that we can utilise the prime operating conditions to increase gold production. In addition, the company continues to pursue growth opportunities and optimise its capital structure through strategic initiatives intended to build shareholder value." China Gold and wholly-owned subsidiary Skyland Mining (BVI) recently entered into a subscription agreement for the issue of cor- porate bonds valued at US$500 million. Net proceeds will be used for repaying existing indebtedness, working capital and general cor- porate purposes. Jiama expansion boosts copper production The Jiama Copper-Polymetallic Project in Tibet Autonomous Region.

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