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54 | ASIA Miner | Volume 14 • Issue 3 | 2017 Product News A NEWLY developed Road Condition Mon- itor (RCM) from Queensland-based engi- neering company Proof Engineers allows for effective measurement and monitoring of haul road performance with accurate up- to-the-second data reporting. It features an in-built triaxial system to measure vibrations caused by road deterioration through a compact and easily installed 12V powered device. The Proof RCM can be installed into haul trucks, water carts and light vehicles via the vehicle's On Board Diagnostics System and provides accelerometer sampling of road and pit conditions, reported every second in the form of a user friendly 'Road Score' and colour coded full site mapping. As the vehicle travels across the site vibra- tion data is processed, recorded and sent to mine site operators in real-time via an in- tegrated 3G network. Data is converted using advanced algo- rithms to display a site's 'Road Score' and full-site mapping with an easy-to-use colour scale that accurately highlights areas of de- terioration where maintenance is required, allowing for immediate on-site action. Proof Engineers' civil engineer Jordan Handel said the RCM ensured mine sites maintained optimum road conditions on an ongoing basis, ensuring haulage was car- ried out in a safe manner and cost effective manner. "It is cost effective, accurate and completely objective, delivering real-time quantitative data reflecting a site's road and pit conditions directly to mine site operators. "Mine haul roads are a major production element that have a direct influence on operations. Poorly maintained roads cost a site time and money in terms of produc- tion, resulting in a range of issues including increased rolling resistance, damaged ma- chinery and dust generation – all of which accumulate into an unsafe operating envi- ronment. "The improved technology of our new RCM allows for increased synchronisation and speed of data transfer between the device and our online data display platform, better equipping mine site operators to pre- vent issues by providing up-to-the-second assessment of a site's road and pit condi- tions. "Having the real-time reports can allow mine sites to take a pro-active approach to haul road maintenance, effectively lowering the cost per tonne hauled by extending tyre life, optimising secondary machinery use as well as reducing grading, operating costs and fuel consumption." Jordan Handel said the RCM system was extremely compact and simple to implement, allowing for onsite monitoring to be managed by mine site op- erators with minimal training required. THE first order for the new BARRACUDA compact bucket wheel excavator from thyssenkrupp has been made by China Huaneng Group and is valued at more than 40 million Euro. The bucket wheel excavator based overburden system from the mining unit of thys- senkrupp's Industrial Solutions business is due to go into operation at the Yiminhe open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia in 2018. "With its efficient continuous operation, the BARRACUDA will help significantly reduce operating costs and carbon dioxide emis- sions at Yiminhe. This is a good example of our innovative mining solutions that create value for our customers and at the same time protect resources," said thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions' Mining Systems head Thomas Jabs. Thanks to its compact design and special bucket wheel configu- ration, the BARRACUDA is also able to remove hard material layers. Combined mining and loading within one machine also eliminates the need for dangerous and environmentally harmful blasting and separate loading operations. The new system will therefore, ensure continuing safe and efficient open pit operation in Yiminhe. The new bucket wheel excavator overburden system combines a BARRACUDA-C bucket wheel excavator with a capacity of 6700 loose cubic metres per hour with a belt wagon, conveyor system and spreader. The scope of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions in- cludes engineering, delivery, erection supervision and commission- ing of the complete system. The BARRACUDA will be used in Yiminhe to strip overburden and mine coal. After being extracted by the BARRACUDA, the materi- al will be taken by the belt wagon to the conveyor system, which will transfer the overburden to the dumping site. Dumping of the material will be carried out by the spreader system with an hourly throughput rate of up to 10,000 tonnes. thyssenkrupp has a long and successful partnership with China Huaneng Group. Among other things, in 2006 it supplied a fully mobile crushing plant and conveyor line to the Chinese mine, which is still in operation today. A 3D model of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions new BARRACUDA. First order for thyssenkrupp BARRACUDA Proof Engineers' civil engineer Jordan Handel. Real time haul road monitoring device

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