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56 | ASIA Miner | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | 2016 China 新纪元矿业降低活动程度 新纪元矿业为了控制成本和保持现金平衡降低了活动程 度。受此影响,该公司位于新疆维吾尔族自治区的苏叶 克北项目不再有工作计划或预算。 该公司正在主动减少花费以节省资金,同时推进新机遇 的发现和评估。该公司表示,现在公司继续保持项目开 发和评估的良好运转。 作为其成本控制的一部分,该公司于2016年3月决定关闭 其位于乌鲁木齐的办事处。 新纪元矿业通过全资子公司海锦国际集团持有新疆永坤 矿业有限公司95%的股权。永坤矿业的主营业务是在中 以西约425公里、距克拉玛依西南125公里的苏叶克北项 目。 永坤矿业于2011年签署协议购买四川志豪矿业的项目, 并于2012年8月22日获得了一个新的探矿许可。该许可的 有效期至2014年5月22日,在2014年5月5日,该公司获得 了更新的许可,有效期至2017年5月5日,该许可批准了 民营公司持有永坤矿业5%的股份。控制资源量2660万 吨,其中镍平均占比0.21%即含镍55,000吨,推断资源量 7660万吨,其中镍平均占比0.21%即含镍161,000吨。 其他位于新疆的大型镍矿为喀拉通克铜镍矿、若羌镍 矿、哈密黄山铜镍矿以及哈密图拉尔根铜镍矿。 Greg Hawkins和Dickson Hall辞去 了董事职务,武云岗和彭靖被任命为公司的董事。 武云岗先生是地质专家,拥有25 资源评价和矿业开采的丰富经验。他是安大略专业地质 先生是西行黄金公司和东方钢铁有限公司的非执行董 事。彭靖先生是加拿大特许专业会计师,拥有多伦多大 学的管理学和专业会计硕士学位。彭先生曾任加拿大某 上市公司的首席财务官,并曾供职于两家大型会计事务 所担任会计师。 NEW Era Minerals is operating with reduced activity levels in order to control costs and maintain cash balances . This also applies to the company's Suyeke North Nickel Project in Xinjiang-Uyghur Au- tonomous Region with no planned or budgeted works . The company is proactively reducing expenditure levels in an ef- fort to conserve cash while it identifies and evaluate new opportuni- ties going forward . It says that at this time, it continues to maintain its exploration and evaluation properties in good standing . As part of its cost control process, in March 2016 the company decided to close the Urumqi office. New Era, through wholly-owned subsidiary, Haijin International Group, owns 95% of Xinjiang Yongkun Mining Co Ltd. Yongkun's principal activities are the exploration, evaluation and development of mineral interests in China, including Suyeke North, which is about 425km west of Urumqi and 125km southwest of Karamay . Yongkun signed an agreement to purchase the property from Sichuan Zihao Mining in 2011 and received a new exploration permit on August 22, 2012 . This permit was valid until May 22, 2014, and on May 5, 2014, the company received a renewed permit valid until May 5, 2017, which authorises enhanced ex- ploration . Exploration work is contracted to Xinjiang Oyasa, a private com- pany that holds a 5% share in Yongkun . Indicated resources are estimated at 26 . 6 million tonnes averaging 0 . 21% nickel which represents 55,000 tonnes of contained nickel while inferred re- sources are estimated at 76 . 6 million tonnes averaging 0 . 21% nickel which represents 161,000 tonnes of contained nickel . Other large nickel deposits in Xinjiang are Kalatongke cop- per-nickel deposit, Ruoqiang nickel deposit, Hami Huangshan copper-nickel deposit and Hami Tudong copper-nickel deposit . New Era recently announces that Greg Hawkins and Dickson Hall had resigned as directors with Yungang Wu and Jing Peng subsequently appointed to the Board . Yungang Wu is a geologist with 25 years of experience interna- tionally in mineral exploration, resource estimate and mining . He is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario and holds a Master's Degree in Mineral Deposits from Jilin Univer- sity, China . He is a non-executive director of Gowest Gold Ltd and East Iron Ltd . Jing Peng is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant with a Master of Management and Professional Accounting degree from the University of Toronto . He has acted as CFO for other Canadian reporting issuers and previously served as an accountant with two large accounting firms. Drilling on the Suyeke North Nickel project in Tuoli County, Tacheng Area, Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region. New Era reduces activity New Era reduces activity levels levels

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