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OCT-DEC 2016

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Volume 13 • Issue 4 | 2016 | ASIA Miner | 55 China GobiMin申请萨瓦亚尔顿金矿采矿权证 为了将位于新疆自治区的萨瓦亚尔顿金矿项目探矿权证 转为采矿权证,GOBIMIN(戈壁矿业)已向有关部门递 交了3份中国当局要求的标准地质报告中的第一份。如果 2017年底之前获得。 由于2015年国际黄金市场价格下行,戈壁矿业暂停了开 发计划,但同时进行了从探矿权向采矿权转变的工作。 为了得到采矿权证,戈壁矿业被要求完成3份符合中国当 局标准的地质报告,其中的第一份已被递交。 该公司还向监管当局递交了2015年4月份的资源评估报 告进行批准。该项目的总探明和控制的资源量为2684万 吨,品位为1.79克/吨,可产金154.5万盎司,推断资源量 5938万吨,品位为1.38克/吨,可产金262.6万盎司。 戈壁矿业也在持续寻找潜在投资者对该项目进行开发。 其拥有正在开发萨瓦亚尔顿项目的中国公司70%的股权。 38公里,处于资源丰富 的天山金成矿带。 该公司于近期 布以大约1062万美元的价格出售了其持 有的部分港银控股有限公司股权。此前,戈壁矿业持 有港银控股38.3%的股权。 戈壁矿的首席执行官Felipe Tan说:"为了在将来能够更 灵活的将资金投向更具潜力的资产和项目并增强公司 以及经济形势,现在是实现戈壁矿业在港银控股部分 投资的绝佳时机和价值区间。" 港银控股从事金属的加工和交易以及大宗商品期货合 港银控股从事金属的加工和交易以及大宗商品期货合 同。业务收入主要来自于银条和钢锭的销售以及将银 加工为银条和颗粒。 此外,戈壁矿业还持有 3家中国公司各 4 0 %的股权, 镍、铜、金等。由于 2 0 1 5年市场情况的低迷,这些 找出售这些探矿权证的机会。该公司还持有延西铜矿 2.66%的股权。 GOBIMIN has submitted the first of three Chinese standard geological reports re- quired to convert the exploration licence of the Sawayaerdun Gold Project in Xinjiang Province into a mining licence . If the pro- cess goes well, a mining licence would be obtained by the end of 2017 . Due to the decline of global gold market prices in 2015, GobiMin held off the de- velopment plan but has undertaken the process to convert the exploration licence into a mining licence . In order to obtain the licence, GobiMin is required to complete three Chinese standard geological reports, the first of which have been submitted. The company has also submitted the April 2015 resource estimate to regulatory au- thorities for approval. The project contains total measured and indicated resources of 26 . 84 million tonnes at 1 . 79 grams/tonne gold for 1 . 545 million ounces, and inferred resources of 59 . 38 million tonnes at 1 . 38 grams/tonne for 2 . 626 million ounces . GobiMin also continues to seek potential investors to develop the project. It owns a 70% equity interest in a Chinese compa- ny which is developing Sawayaerdun . The project is 38km north of Wuqia in Xinjiang's far west and is within the prolific Tien Shan Gold belt . The company recently announced that it has sold a partial shareholding of Loco Hong Kong Holdings for gross proceeds of approximately US$10 . 62 million . Prior to the sale GobiMin held 38 . 3% of Loco HK . GobiMin CEO Felipe Tan said, "In order to increase the flexibility to invest in more potential assets or projects in future and strengthen the financial resources of the company, it was good timing and value to realise part of GobiMin's investment in Loco HK particularly in view of the market price of Loco HK shares and the economic con- ditions . " Loco HK is engaged in the processing and trading of metals and commodity for- ward contracts . Income is mainly generated from sales of silver bars and ingots as well as the processing of silver into bars and granules . In addition, GobiMin owns 40% interests each in three companies incorporated in China to engage in base metals and pre- cious metal exploration, including nickel, copper, and gold, in Xinjiang. Owing to de- pressed markets in 2015 these companies did not undertake any exploration and Go- biMin has sought opportunities to sell the licences . It also has a 2 . 66% equity interest in the Yanxi Copper Property . GobiMin seeks Sawayaerdun GobiMin seeks Sawayaerdun licence licence The camp buildings at GobiMin's Sawayaerdun Gold Project in China's far west.

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