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52 | ASIA Miner | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | 2016 China 玉龙项目安装新的破碎机 西部矿业的子公司西藏玉龙铜业正在玉龙铜矿调试一台 并克服矿山所在的西藏的高海拔所带来的冷空气这一困 难。 在5月份该选厂成功通过测试,作为调试阶段的一部分, 该设备正加足马力达到每日1000吨的满负荷生产能力。 它可以处理硫化矿和氧化矿。 该公司表示这些设备的到位是提高矿山自动化的重要一 步。这将有助于减少重人力劳动以及因艰苦环境和不安 全的工作所带来的问题。这将提高人工产出、减少人力 成本及工人的危险。 作为自动化进程的一部分,玉龙铜矿还于近期委托中材 3000吨选矿项目的环境影 响调查报告。 正在经营锡铁山铅锌矿项目的西部矿业的另一家下属企 业正在对其运营进行现代化改造。该矿山是中国最大的 单体铅锌矿。 作为今年开始的选厂改造进程的 作为今年开始的选厂改造进程的一部分,该公司委托兰 部分 作为今年开始的选厂改造进程的一部分,该公司委托兰 该公司委托兰 作为今年开始的选厂改造进程的一部分,该公司委托兰 州有色冶金设计研究院完成可行性研究报告。 西部矿业主席张永利介绍说,目前锡铁山项目的设备和 工艺相对落后,公司希望通过现代化和自动化改造进行 转型以实现更高的产能及降低成本。"我们必须通过拼搏 赢得未来并成为行业领导者,"他说。 西部矿业主要从事有色金属的贸易、开采和冶炼。该公 司的主要矿产品包括锌、铅和铜精矿。大部分的项目位 于青海省。 同时,西部矿业计划非公开发行2.16亿股进行融资,用于 收购大梁矿业和青海锂业100%的股权。大梁矿业从事铅锌 矿的开采和加工,青海锂业从事碳酸锂的生产和销售。 西部矿业近期入选了中国财富杂志的中国500 。该 WESTERN Mining's subsidiary Tibet Yulong Copper Co is commis- sioning a new crushing mill and control systems at the Yulong Cop- per Project. The new facilities are expected to improve production and overcome issues caused by cold weather in the elevated area of Tibet in which the mine is located . The plant was successfully tested in May and is now being ramped up to full daily capacity of 1000 tonnes as part of the commissioning process . It allows for processing of sulphide ore from the mine as well as the oxide ore . The company says the facilities are an important step towards increasing automation at the mine . They will help eliminate heavy manual labour and prevent issues caused by the harsh environ- ment and unsafe work practices . This will lead to improved labour productivity, reduced labour costs and decreased risk to workers . As part of the automation process Yulong Copper has also re- cently commissioned Sinoma Geological Engineering Investigation Institute to complete an environmental impact report for a 3000 tonne beneficiation project at the mine. Another Western subsidiary which operates the Xitiesan Lead- Zinc Project is modernising operations. The mine is the largest in- dependent lead-zinc operation in China . As part of the transformation process of the beneficiation plant, which began this year, the company commissioned the Lanzhou Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute to prepare a feasibility study . Western Mining chairman Zhang Yongli said the current Xitiesan facilities and processes were relatively backward and the company wanted to transform these through modernisation and automation in order to achieve greater productivity and reduce operating costs . "We have to win the struggle to win the future and become the industry leader," he said . Western Mining is principally engaged in the non-ferrous metals trading business, as well as mining and smelting operations . The company's main mining products include zinc, lead and copper concentrates . Most operations are in Qinghai Province . Meantime, Western plans to issue 216 million shares in a non-pub- lic offering with funds to be used to take 100% equity positions in Daliang Mining and Qinghai Lithium . Daliang is engaged in lead and zinc mining and dressing while Qinghai Lithium is engaged in pro- duction and sales of lithium carbonate . Western Mining has recently been named as one of China's top 500 companies by the Chinese edition of Fortune magazine . The list includes Chinese companies listed in China and abroad . Western Mining officials watch a test run in the new mill at Yulong Copper Project in Tibet Autonomous Region. New mill for Yulong New mill for Yulong Copper Project Copper Project New mill for Yulong Copper Project

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