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Volume 13 • Issue 4 | 2016 | ASIA Miner | 51 China 马捷斯提克公司挖掘宋家沟潜力 马捷斯提克金矿公司的最优化运营是持续关注其位于山 东省的宋家沟金矿项目。公司旨在通过实施一个品位控 制计划并制定一个优化矿区方案来实现这一目标。 公司一直无法实现该矿区的全部潜力,在很大程度上 是因为缺乏对开采后进入磨矿机的物料的一致性品位控 制。管理层限制日产能为6000吨,因为公司正在继续实 施其品位控制计划和制定优化矿区方案。 宋家沟是马捷斯提克的旗舰项目。公司于2011年5月开 始商业化生产。公司的合资伙伴烟台大河东选矿有限公 截至 2016年 3月 31日的三个月共处理 442,331吨矿石, 平均入选品位0.44克/吨,2015年同期处理矿石364,232 吨,平均入选品位0.42克/吨。马捷斯提克估计平均入选 品位将继续保持在0.45克/吨的范围,直到品位控制计划 和优化矿区方案落实。 一季度黄金总产量为 5498盎司, 2015年同期为 4807盎 司。公司预计到全面实施优化方案前每季度产量继续保 持在5000盎司左右。 截至2016年3月31日的六个月内,黄金产量为12,711盎 司,2015年同期为9871盎司。产量增加主要是因为回采 和处理的约30,000吨细粒物料的品位高于进入磨矿机的 矿石总体品位。 宋家沟有三家选厂。两家于2006年投产,日产能分别为 200吨和1200吨,第三家于2011年5月投产,日产能6000 吨。1200吨磨矿机未使用,目前所有开采的物料都是通 过6000吨的磨矿机处理。 2015年,200吨的磨矿机处理能力通过第三方YE Zhifan 升级为2000吨,用于处理废料。Zhifan已经支付了所有 的升级费用,并且每吨支付5.5元人民币用于尾矿坝的使 用,尾矿坝每天最多处理1500吨。 OPTIMISATION of operations is the ongoing focus of Majestic Gold at the Songjiagou Gold Project in Shandong Province. The company aims to achieve this through implementing a grade control program as well as developing an optimised mine plan . The company has been unable to realise the mine's full potential due, in a large part, to the lack of consistent grade control of mate- rial entering the mill after being mined in the pit . Management is limiting daily production to the capacity of the 6000 tonnes mill as it con- tinues to work on implementation of its grade control program and development of an opti- mised mine plan . Songjiagou is Majestic's flagship project. The company began commercial production in May 2011. The company's joint venture partner, Yantai Dahedong Processing Com- pany Ltd, has held the contract to mine and process ore since start-up . There were 442,331 tonnes milled for the three months ended March 31, 2016, with an average head grade of 0 . 44 grams/tonne (g/t), compared to 364,232 tonnes milled, with aver- age head grade of 0 . 42 g/t, for the comparative period of 2015. Majestic estimates the average head grade will continue to be in the range of 0 . 45 g/t until the grade control program and optimised mine plan are in place . Total gold produced for the March quar- ter was 5498 ounces, compared to 4807 ounces for the comparative 2015 period . The company expects production to continue to average around 5000 ounces quarterly until it has fully implemented the optimisation pro- grams . Gold produced for the six months ended March 31, 2016, was 12,711 ounces, com- pared to 9871 ounces for the comparative period . The increase can be primarily attribut- ed to the recovery and processing of approx- imately 30,000 tonnes of fine fraction material of a higher grade than the overall grade of ore throughput to the mill . Songjiagou has three processing plants. Two were put into operation in 2006 with daily capacities of 200 tonnes and 1200 tonnes and the third in May 2011 with a capacity of 6000 tonnes . The 1200 tonne mill is not being utilised and all material mined currently is pro- cessed in the 6000 tonne mill . In 2015, the 200 tonne mill was upgraded to 2000 tonnes by a third party, YE Zhifan, to process waste material . Zhifan has paid all up- grade costs and pays CNY5 . 5 per tonne for use of the tailings dam to a daily maximum of 1500 tonnes . Majestic Majestic seeks Songjiagou potential seeks Songjiagou Majestic seeks Songjiagou potential potential The Songjiagou project is on Jiaodong Peninsula in Shandong Province, which is the historic heartland of China's gold mining industry .

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