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28 | ASIA Miner | October-December 2015 Company Profile Don't Move Mountains... Build Over Them! Freedom of dimension and responsive design are hallmarks of Geo- metrica's "all-terrain" technology. Whether mountainside or quayside, mining operations are often spread over irregularly shaped areas with a loose array of equipment and raw material. Traditional post and beam structures may be impossible to build in these rugged environments, but Geometrica's unique geodesic freestyle domes, trademarked as Freedomes®, can soar in altitudes of more than 14,000 ft (4267m). The Freedome system takes advantage of form as a structural ele- ment and allows domes and vaults to be designed without interme- diate columns, eliminating wasted space and maximizing the un- obstructed management of inventory, equipment and personnel. These galvanized steel and aluminum alloy structures can withstand corrosive salt water, typhoon-force winds and heavy snow. Today's cov- ers can be constructed in a variety of dimensions spanning up to 300m — from irregular to circular, parabolic, elliptical or barrel vault. Below are examples in Chile, Spain, Africa and Mexico. A New Summit in the Andes The Caserones copper ore and concentrate facility is located 4000m above sea level in the Atacama Region of the Chilean Andes. Among the many distinguishing features of the new mine, the stockpile dome covers stand out. With a 145m span and 94m height, the copper ore structure is the largest such dome in South America that can withstand the punishing slopes, freezing temperatures, high winds and brutal snow loads of the region. This ultimate storage solution is "green" in more ways than one, with barrier-free interiors, natural lighting, and bright cladding that stands out on the mountainside. Copper storage in the Andes Twin Domes of Andalucia Minas de Aguas Tenidas, S.A.U. (MAT- SA), in Spain, needed domes to cover their crushed ore stockpiles as they renovated and constructed a new double circuit concentrator de- signed to process 1.7 million tons per year of copper, zinc, and lead. The mining operation chose Geometrica's light-weight structure for a unique combination of strength, beauty and constructive fexibility unat- tainable with other building systems. Today the environmentally-friendly duo of domes contains dust and protects the raw materials from the elements. MATSA Copper Ore Domes, Spain Mining in Mauritania Mining is among Mauritania's most important sec- tors, as exemplifed by the Guelb Moghrein copper/gold mine, which is operated by the Mauritanian Copper Mines. Geometrica was pleased to design a 68m dome for mineral storage, providing an effcient and eco-friendly structure that protects the semi-desert area of Akjoujt from fugitive dust and other environment hazards. Geometrica designs domes for mining stockpiles on the continent of Africa Dust Free in Velardeña The benefts of a Geometrica system are also evident in Durango, Mexico — home to an immense mining industry that shares the same landscape with a neighboring town. When the Ve- lardeña mining operations needed a storage solution, Geometrica de- signed a stockpile dome with a barrier-free interior and natural lighting spanning 64.3m in diameter and 31.3m in height. State-of-the-art tech- nologies safeguard air and surrounding water supplies, thus ensuring the mining site remains a good neighbor and environmental steward. Focused on the environment in Mexico A Proven Portfolio Geometrica has designed many dozens of domes and barrel vaults for the mining industry over the last twenty years. A few examples spanning up to 145m include: • Escondida Mining, mineral storage • Barrick Zaldivar, mineral storage • Codelco El Teniente, copper concentrate storage • El Tesoro, copper ore storage • Pucobre, copper ore storage • Aguas Teñidas Mining, copper ore storage • Mantos Blancos, copper ore storage • Sierra Gorda, copper ore and concentrate storage • Sociedad Minera el Brocal, mineral ore storage • San Cristobal, zinc ore storage • Cananea, ore storage The question is, "What can Geometrica build for you?" For storage solutions within the mining sector, please learn more at www.geomet- Planet-Friendly Dome Builder Trust Geometrica for planet-friendly solutions for your materials handling needs. As a second generation design and manufacturing frm, Geometrica is dedicated to the mining sector and environmental protection markets worldwide. Our portfolio includes domes, vaults and bulk storage solutions in more than 30 countries, providing effcient covers for crushed mineral stockpiles including ores of copper, zinc, precious metals and concentrates, as well as raw materials such as bauxite, potash, gravel, limestone, coal, clay and more. Specialties Include: • Projects built by local crews without welding requirements or heavy equipment • Structures that can be supported on slopes or irregular terrain • Construction that allows stockpiles to remain in operation during construction (no downtime) • Applications designed to resist high wind, snow loads and corrosive stockpiles • Features to reduce emissions, noise, dust and contaminants by containing them

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