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October-December 2015 | ASIA Miner | 25 China 希尔威提高月亮沟矿区的产量 稀释控制能力的提升使得希尔威矿业位于河南 省的月亮沟矿区6月当季的产量有所提高。稀释 控制措施使得银的入选品位提高了10% 至250 克/吨,使得铅的入选品位提高了8%至3.6%。 当季月亮沟矿区的矿石开采量为 1 6 7 , 1 0 7 吨, 2014年同期为 173,485吨。希尔威月亮沟 矿区当季销售银120万盎司,金900盎司,1250 万磅铅和150万磅锌,去年同期数据分别为银 110万盎司,金800盎司,铅1150万磅,锌120万 磅。 2015年2月,希尔威与合同到期的1家采矿外委 施工队终止了合作并与3家新的采矿外委施工队 签署了合同,这家合同到期的采矿外委施工队 之前在SGX矿山的3条矿脉上进行过开采。遗憾 的是,由于公司与这家合同到期的采矿外委施 使得此次交接的进程缓慢。 公司于 6月份与该采矿外委施工队达成了协 议,致使该采矿外委施工队撤出了SGX的全部3 条矿脉的开采,虽然这3条矿脉的运营现在已回 归正常,但当时合作关系的破裂导致SGX的产 量和成本都受到了一定的影响。 每吨的总成本和现金成本分别为75美元和56.65 美元,去年同期分别为58.35美元和46.96美元, 除了因此次交接导致的每吨成本6美元的增加 外,采矿准备支出提高了20%也使得成本的提 高,这包括为了取得更好的品位和更好地控制 稀释而使用的更多的金刚石钻探和巷道。 该季度,希尔威开凿了大约24,575米的水平巷 道,打了16,366米深的金刚石钻孔。 位于广东省的GC矿量产的开始也使得希尔威 公司的总体产销量得以提高。6月当季该矿共 开采矿石66,727吨,总成本和现金成本分别为 56.83美元和48.74美元,2014年同期的试运营阶 段的产量为48,396吨,总成本和现金成本分别为 64.62美元和42.23美元。 当季的入选品位为银 93克 /吨,铅 1.7%以及 锌2.5%,去年同期数据分别为银110克/吨,铅 1.4%以及锌2.5%. IMPROVED dilution control led to increased June quarter produc- tion at Silvercorp Metals' Ying Mining District operations in Henan Province. These measures resulted in a 10% increase in silver head grade to 250 grams/tonne and an 8% increase in lead head grade to 3.6%. Total ore mined at Ying district during the quarter was 167,107 tonnes compared to 173,485 tonnes in the corresponding quarter of 2014. Silvercorp sold 1.2 million ounces of silver from Ying in the quarter as well as 900 ounces of gold, 12.5 million pounds of lead and 1.5 million pounds of zinc, compared to 1.1 million silver ounc- es, 800 gold ounces, 11.5 million pounds of lead and 1.2 million pounds of zinc in the same period last year. In February 2015, Silvercorp terminated one mining contractor upon expiration of its contract and entered into contracts with three new contractors to replace the terminated contractor who previ- ously worked out of three portals at SGX mine. Regrettably, the changeover process was slow as the company and the contractor being terminated had protracted disagreements and negotiations regarding the fnal payment. In June the company reached an agreement with the contractor resulting in the contractor departing from all three portals, which have now returned to normal operations. The disruptions have im- pacted not only the production but also resulted in additional costs incurred at SGX. Total and cash mining costs per tonne were US$75 and $56.65, respectively, compared to $58.35 and $46.96, respectively, in the same period of 2015. As well as the changeover which added about $6 per tonne, the increased costs were also due to an approximate 20% increase in mining preparation expenditures as more in-stope diamond drilling and preparation tunnelling were used to achieve better grade and dilution control. During the quarter, Silvercorp completed approximately 24,575 metres of horizontal tunnels, raises and declines and 16,366 me- tres of in-stope diamond drilling. Commencement of commercial production at GC mine in Guang- dong Province also contributed to overall higher metal produc- tion and sales for Silvercorp. Total ore mined in the June quarter was 66,727 tonnes at a total mining cost and cash mining cost of $56.83 and $48.74, compared to 48,396 tonnes mined in the pre-commercial period in June 2014 quarter at a total mining cost and cash mining cost of $64.62 and $42.23. Head grades were 93 grams/tonne for silver, 1.7% for lead and 2.5% for zinc in the quarter compared to 110 grams/tonne, 1.4% and 2.5% respectively in 2014. An overview of Silvercorp's new GC mine in Guangdong Province of southern China where commercial production has begun. Silvercorp improves Ying production

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