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24 | ASIA Miner | October-December 2015 China 宝金能源将出售4煤矿 宝金能源国际控股有限公司与在新加坡上市的 万得化国际有限公司签署了有条件销售协议, 以出售其香港子公司旗下的4处位于中国重庆的 在产地下煤矿。万得化计划通过反向收购的方 式以4.75亿新元(3.487亿澳元)购买宝金能源 (香港)。 除了草堂煤矿、黑湾煤矿、抱龙煤矿和长宏煤 运输产业。该笔交易的完成将使该子公司成为 新加坡交易所上市企业。 万得化是纺织行业的染料制造商,于2014年 12月30日与宝金国际签署了具有法律约束力的 司,拥有宝金控股(香港)。 根据此有条件的协议,万得化将以现金的形式 支付2500万新元作为并购资金,剩余的4.5亿新 元根据协议将以股份的形式支付。如果交易顺 利完成,万得化将拥有4座总探 量为1.007亿 吨的煤矿。 万得化称:"此次并购将为集团进入能源领 售中去,这对于公司和投资人来说都是有利 的。" 此次并购可能包括: • 万得化方面,根据新加坡 易所创 业板上市指引第10章的要求反向收购, 同时此次收购须获得万得化股东的同意 • 宝金能源方面,根据澳大利亚证 易 所上市规则11.2条的规定对公司主业进行 处置,须得到公司股东的同意。 宝金能源称截至2015年4月30日上述4座煤矿共 产煤459,000吨,与2014年同期的681,600吨相比 减少了32.7% 确定性,公司决定在2014年年中放缓生产速度, 对市场情况重新评估并将资源留至未来价格反弹 时开采。 宝金能源将其位于中国的煤矿尽数出售。2015年 4月30日之前的6个月,公司销售部门卖出了近182.5 万吨煤,与去年同期数字相比下降了15.1%。 2015年4月 30日之前的 6个月与 2014年同期相 比,公司主营业务收入从2170万澳元下降为770 万澳元,减少了1400万澳元。 BLACKGOLD International Holdings has entered into a conditional sale agreement with Singapore-listed Matex International Ltd for the sale of its Hong Kong unit with four operating underground thermal coal mines in the Chinese province of Chongq- ing. Matex plans to buy Blackgold Holdings Hong Kong in a Sin$475 million (Aus$348.7 million) reverse takeover. As well as the four underground mines – Caotang, Heiwan, Baolong and Changhong – the sale includes Blackgold Holdings' associated coal trading and logistics busi- nesses. It will result in the subsidiary being listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Matex, a dye maker for the textile industry, entered into a legally binding Heads of Agree- ment on December 30, 2014 with Blackgold International, the Australian-listed company which owns Blackgold Holdings HK. Under the conditional agreement, Matex will pay Sin$25 million of the acquisition costs in cash, and the rest of the Sin$450 million, subject to adjustment, in shares. If successful, Matex will own four mines with combined proven and probable reserves of 100.7 million tonnes. Matex said, "The proposed acquisition will provide an opportunity for the group to ven- ture into the energy sector, and participate in coal mining and trading in China, for the bene- ft of the company and its shareholders." The acquisition is likely to constitute: • In respect to Matex, a reverse take- over, under Chapter 10 of the SGX-ST listing manual and will be subject to the approval of Matix shareholders and the SGX. • In respect of Blackgold, a disposal of the company's major undertaking under ASX listing rule 11.2, which will be sub- ject to the approval of its shareholders. Blackgold states that total coal produc- tion from the four mines for the frst half of the 2015 fnancial year ending April 30 was 459,000 tonnes, 32.7% lower than the 681,600 tonnes produced in the corre- sponding period of 2014. There were some uncertainties over the general coal industry in China and as such the company decid- ed to slow down production in mid-2014 to reassess market conditions and reserve its resources for better pricing in the future. Blackgold sells all its thermal coal within China. In the six months ending April 30, 2015, the company's trading arm sold al- most 1.825 million tonnes, a decrease of about 15.1% compared to the frst half of the previous fnancial year. Comparing with results for the six months ended April 30, 2014, proft from ordinary activities decreased by Aus$14 million from $21.7 million to $7.7 million for the six months ended April 30, 2015. The Heiwan mine is one of Blackgold's two ther- mal coal mines in Fengjie County of Chongqing Province and one of four within the province. Blackgold to sell four coal mines

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