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OCT-DEC 2015

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October-December 2015 | ASIA Miner | 23 China 明科黄金公司完成长坑项目出售 明科黄金公司完成了其位于中国南部长坑黄金 项目的出售工作,将其拥有的该项目的51%的 未分配收益股权出售给了明科银矿公司。本次 出售获得了于2015年6月25日召开的公司年度股 东大会和特别会议的通过。 在偿还明科银业债务和其他交接费用后,明科 黄金公司计划将剩余的10,019,397美元用于在中 国境外进行矿业战略并购、合资或其他交易。 广东明中矿业公司有限公司拥有长坑项目,该 公司是一家中资企业,其51%的股权由明科资 源公司的两家全资子公司共同持有,明科资源 公司是明科黄金公司的全资子公司,明中矿业 的另外49%的股份由无关联的第三方持有。 长坑金矿与明科银矿公司旗舰项目富湾银矿项 链,同属一个矿化带。在长坑探矿许可中该项 目由银矿化区51%的权益。 类。金矿区域在向斜的链接处消失,被富湾银 一份更新的独立资源评估报告于2009年3月25 400 万吨,品位为4.89克/吨,可产金623,100盎司, 推断资源量为400万吨,品位为3.01克/吨,可产 金386,800盎司。 明科资源公司在中国多地拥有探矿权,包括陇 南项目、金牛山项目和Tugurige金矿项目。明科 银矿公司通过信托的方式直接或间接代明科黄 金公司继续持有这些项目。 明科黄金公司是一家从事直接并购和开发高品 位、在产黄金项目的加拿大矿业公司。除现金 外,该公司的主要资产为明科银矿公司的18.4% 的股权,共计1100万股。 明科银业公司是TSX和OTCQX上市公司,主 要从事并购和开发金银矿产项目。该公司拥有 富湾银矿90%的权益,该矿位于广东省极富前 景的富湾银成矿带的东北区域。 明科银矿公司称此次并购使其对富湾银矿和长 坑金矿项目拥有了直接控制权。公司计划取得 采矿许可用于整体开采富湾和长坑项目,以此 达到大幅减少资本投入和运营成本的目的。 MINCO Gold Corporation has completed the sale of its 51% undi- vided interest in the Changkeng Gold Project in southern China to Minco Silver Corporation. The transaction was approved by share- holders at the company's Annual General and Special Meeting held on June 25, 2015. Minco Gold intends to use net proceeds of $10,019,397, after re- payment of indebtedness owing to Minco Silver and certain closing adjustments, to pursue strategic mineral acquisitions, joint ventures or other transactions outside China. Changkeng is held by Guangdong Mingzhong Mining Co Ltd, a Chinese corporation owned 51% by two indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of Minco Resources Ltd, itself a wholly-owned sub- sidiary of Minco Gold, with the remaining 49% held by an unrelated third party. Changkeng is contiguous to, and part of the same mineralized system, with Minco Silver's fagship Fuwan project. This proj- ect includes a 51% interest in the silver mineralization within the Changkeng mineral exploration permit. Changkeng falls into the broad category of sediment hosted ep- ithermal deposits. The gold zone tends to pinch out toward the hinge of the syncline where it is replaced by silver mineralization at the Fuwan silver deposit. An updated independent resource estimate was released for Changkeng on March 25, 2009. It contains indicated gold resourc- es of 4.0 million tonnes @ 4.89 grams/tonne gold for a total of 623,100 ounces and inferred resources of 4.0 million tonnes @ 3.01 grams/tonne for 386,800 ounces. Minco Resources also holds exploration permits in various other re- gions of China, including the Longnan project, Gold Bull Mountain proj- ect and Tugurige Gold Project. Minco Silver continues to hold, directly or indirectly, these other projects in trust for the beneft of Minco Gold. Minco Gold is a Canadian mining company involved in the direct acquisition and development of high-grade, advanced stage gold properties. The company's principal asset, excluding cash, is 11 million shares, or about 18.4%, of Minco Silver. Minco Silver is a TSX and OTCQX listed company focusing on the acquisition and development of silver and gold mineral projects. The company owns a 90% interest in the Fuwan Silver Deposit, situated along the northeast margin of the highly prospective Fuwan Silver Belt in Guangdong Province. Minco Silver says the acquisition allows it to have direct control of both the Fuwan silver and Changkeng gold projects. It intends to acquire a mining licence and develop the Fuwan and Changkeng projects together as one to signifcantly reduce capital and operat- ing costs. The Fuwan Silver Belt in Guangdong Province, southern China. Minco Gold completes Changkeng sale

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