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OCT-DEC 2015

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October-December 2015 | ASIA Miner | 21 China Majestic寻求两处新的项目 Majestic黄金公司的子公司MAJESTIC(中国) 目前已与烟台百恒黄金矿业有限公司签署了一份 无约束力的意向书(LoI),以收购位于山东省牟 平-双山金矿带的双山屯和下雨村项目。完成此 次并购前将进行为期12个月的详细尽职调查。 Majestic于8月12日公布了该意向书,声明Ma- jestic(中国)拥有并购上述两个项目中的一 个或全部的最终选择权。同时,在尽职调查期 内,针对上述两个项目,如果任何第三方提出 同质并购,Majestic(中国)拥有优先取舍权。 双山屯和下雨村项目属于小吨位、中上等品位 地下金矿,已被小范围开采。Majestic计划探明 合资大规模开采这两个项目的经济性。 合资能否顺利完成将取决于多种因素,包括对 查结果、项目范围研究评价完成情况、以及多 批、公司股份持有人的许可情况等。在尽职调 查期间和完成明确协议之前,Majestic(中国) 对烟台百恒不承担任何义务。 Majestic是一家总部在加拿大的公司,在山东 省的宋家沟金矿项目从事黄金生产。 Majestic的运营子公司烟台中嘉矿业有限公司 已经收到了政府的最终审批结果,同意其将宋 家沟的采矿许可范围由0.342 0.594平方公里。在此之前,宋家沟的开发工作 包括开通通往矿坑的第二条道路,以满足向两 处新尾矿区域输送废石所需要的能力,这两处 新的尾矿区接近矿坑。 宋家沟一季度的产量为4807盎司,与去年同期 相比减少了16%。该结果主要源于整体研磨量 14%的下降。矿石平均品位为0.42克/吨,较去 年同期的0.41可/吨微涨。 3月31日之前的6个月内,Majestic的宋家沟项 目共生产了9871盎司黄金,去年同期共生产了 10,555盎司,但是,该矿销售了9967盎司黄金, 较去年同期的8360盎司有所增长。 MAJESTIC China Holdings Corp, a subsidiary of Majestic Gold Corp, has entered into a non-binding Letter of Intent (LoI) with Yantai Baiheng Gold Mining Co Ltd to acquire the Shuang Shan Tun and Xia Yu Cun properties in the Muping-Rushan Gold Belt in Shandong Province. Completion of the acquisition is subject to a 12 month detailed due diligence period. Majestic announced the LoI on August 12, stating that Majestic China has the option to enter into a defnitive agreement for one or both of the properties. During the due diligence, Majestic China will also hold the right of frst refusal over any third party proposal similar in nature to those being contemplated. Shuang Shan Tun and Xia Yu Cun are small tonnage, medi- um-high grade underground gold projects that have been devel- oped as small-scale producers. Majestic intends to determine the economic viability of larger scale development of either property on a joint venture basis. Finalization of the joint venture is subject to successful completion of due diligence on exploration and development work completed on the properties to date, completion of a scoping study-level eval- uation of the properties, as well as the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange and all other required regulatory, corporate and security holder approvals. During the due diligence and prior to entering into a defnitive agreement with Baiheng, Majestic China does not have any obligations to Baiheng. Majestic is a Canada-based company engaged in commercial gold production at Songjiagou Gold Project in eastern Shandong Province. Majestic's operating subsidiary Yantai Zhongjia Mining Co Ltd has received fnal government approval to expand its mining licence at Songjiagou from 0.342sqkm to 0.594sqkm. In advance of this, work at Songjiagou has included development of a second access road in the pit to enable increased haulage of waste to two new waste dump areas that have been acquired in close proximity to the pit. Production from Songjiagou in the quarter ended March 31 was 4807 ounces, a 16% decrease over the comparative quarter of 2014. This was primarily due to a 14% decline in throughput to the mill. Average ore head grade was 0.42 grams/tonne, slightly higher than the 0.41 grams/tonne of the quarter ended March 31, 2014. In the six months to March 31, Majestic produced 9871 ounces at Songjiagou, down from the 10,555 ounces in the corresponding period of 2014 but sold 9967 ounces, up from 8360 ounces sold in the comparative period. The coarse crush section of the processing plant at Songjiagou Gold Project in Shandong Province. Majestic seeks two new properties

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