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OCT-DEC 2015

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October-December 2015 | ASIA Miner | 19 China CSH和 Jiama项目产量增加 受益于选矿能力的翻番,中国黄金国际资源有 限公司位于内蒙古的CSH黄金项目的产金量大 增。2015年第一季度产量由2014年同期的27,118 盎司增长51%至41,033盎司。 日处理矿石能力由30,000翻番至60,000吨使得 产能提升,这源于扩建项目的成功获批。 CSH的产量在2季度再次增加,达到了49,784盎 司,2014年同期为24,571盎司。2015年上半年 CSH共生产了90,817盎司,2014年的同期数据为 51,689盎司。 另外,公司位于西藏的Jiama金铜矿多金属项 目的产铜量与2014年一季度相比增长了475%。 公司称,Jiama的铜产量由2014年一季度的771 吨提高至今年同期的 4089吨。这主要得益于 2015年第一季度的稳定电力供应,2014年同期 为电力短缺。 产量在 2季度再次增加,达到了 1 0 9 0万 磅,2014年的同期水平为960万磅。2015年前6 个月Jiama共生产了1990万磅,2014年同期水平 为1120万磅。 " 2 0 1 5年开局很好,"中金国际 C E O 说。"在相同的技术水平下,我们在1季度实现 了黄金和铜的产量增长。尽管已实现的铜和金 的每磅平均价格分别下降了15%和7%,产量的 增长仍意味着更高的收入和净利润。" "Jiama项目的扩产正如期进行,CSH也正在充 分利用其扩大的产能。在现阶段,我们对完成 2015年的计划充满信心。" "我对公司和团队的表现十分满意。面对严峻 的市场环境,我们的收入、净利润和产量都实 题,拥有充裕的资金对好的项目进行并购,这 样项目也开始变多。" 公司2015年的黄金的目标产量为226,000盎司, 相比2014年增加25%,铜的目标产量为5300万 磅,相比2014年增加71%。 DOUBLING of mill processing capacity at China Gold International Resources Corp's CSH Gold Project in Inner Mongolia is credit- ed for an increase in gold production. During the March quarter of 2015 production increased 51% from 27,118 ounces in the corre- sponding quarter of 2014 to 41,033 ounces. Doubling of CSH capacity from 30,000 tonnes per day to 60,000 tonnes resulted in an increase in production primarily due to suc- cessful commissioning of the expansion program. CSH production again increased during the June quarter to 49,784 ounces, compared to 24,571 ounces in the June quarter of 2014. In the frst half of 2015 CSH produced 90,817 ounces, up from 51,689 ounces in the corresponding period of 2014. The company also reported a 475% increase in copper produc- tion at Jiama Copper Gold Polymetallic Project in Tibet from the March quarter of 2014. It said copper production from Jiama went from 771 tonnes in the frst three months of 2014 to 4089 tonnes in the same period this year. This was mainly due to the stable power supply in the frst quarter of 2015 compared with the power short- age in the frst quarter of 2014. Production again increased during the June quarter with 10.9 mil- lion pounds produced, up from 9.6 million in the June quarter of 2014. In the six months to June 30 Jiama produced 19.9 million pounds, up from 11.2 million in 2014. "We are off to a great start for 2015," China Gold International's CEO Bing Liu said. "During the frst quarter we increased both gold and copper production without any technological diffcul- ties. This translated into higher revenues and net income despite the 15% decrease in the realized average price of copper per pound and a 7% decrease in the realized average price of gold per ounce. "Jiama expansion is progressing as anticipated and CSH is fully utilizing its increased capacity. At this stage, we are very confdent about achieving our 2015 guidance. "I am very pleased with the performance of our company and our team. Despite challenging market conditions, we grew revenues, net income and production. We are mindful of our capital and op- erating expenditures and are well fnanced to take advantage of any good acquisition opportunities which are becoming more re abundant." The company expects production of 226,000 ounces of gold in 2015, a 25% increase on 2014, and expects production of 53 mil- lion pounds of copper, a 71% increase on 2014. The frst feed into the crushing system at CSH Gold Project in 2013. Production increases at CSH and Jiama

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