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18 | ASIA Miner | October-December 2015 China 有望在9月当季上旬通过扩建达到150万吨矿石 的年处理能力。实现这一处理能力的前提条件 是一台新的处理能力为750,000吨的球磨机的交 付和附加电网的接通。 2015年的前6 理了418,950吨矿石,与2014年同期的408,671吨 相比,处理量增加了2.5%。精矿粉产量相比于 2014年同期也有所增加,其中锌由2014年同期 的19,147吨增加至20,081吨;铅由2014年同期的 609吨增加至962吨;银由2014年同期的147,901 盎司增加至 193,098盎司;金由 2014年同期的 5999盎司增加至6274盎司。金精粉产量更是达 到了该项目史上最高水平。 该公司称产量的增加源于品位以及铅、金回收 率的提高。 截至2015年6月30日,扣除特许权使用费和资 源税之前的锌的销售收入为2628.8万美元,相较 于2014年的2486万美元有所增长;铅和稀有金 属的销售量有所提高但销售价格降低,销售收 入由去年同期的1022.2万美元增加至1079.9万美 元。 为了提高稀有金属的回收率而增加的加工成本 使销售成本较2014年同期有所上升。经营费用 净额随着中国境内监管、环境和社会安全方面 支出的增长而增加。 资金继续由中国转至英国本部用于支付总部费 用,同时为华澳公司留足资金用于完成选厂的 升级和以后的 探。在此期间,公司花费858.9 387.5千美 元用于购入格里芬公司的库藏股。中国境内的 银行贷款 332.8万美元已下发,集团现金增加 97.7万美元。 家营项目3号区域深部、2号区域连接部等未开采 区域的采矿审批被推迟。3号区域的开发仍在继 续,3号区域和2号区域之间的主巷道已完工。 格里芬矿业的主席Mladen Ninkov介绍说:" 在大宗商品价格低迷和新选矿设备不能马上通 过审批的情况下,从经营的角度来说,公司依 然取得了很好的成绩。" NEWLY commissioned processing facilities at Griffn Mining's Cai- jiaying Zinc-Gold Mine were expected to reach the expanded an- nual name plate capacity throughput of 1.5 million tonnes of ore during the early part of the September quarter. This capacity was not possible until delivery of a new 750,000 tonne ball mill and the connection of additional grid power. In the frst six months of 2015 Griffn processed 418,950 tonnes of ore through the Caijiaying mill and this was a 2.5% increase on the 408,671 tonnes processed in the six months to June 30, 2014. Metal concentrate production in the period was also higher than in 2014 with 20,081 tonnes of zinc produced, up from 19,147 tonnes; 962 tonnes of lead, up from 609 tonnes; 193,098 ounces of silver, up from 147,901 ounces; and 6274 ounces of gold, up from 5999 ounces. Gold production was a record for the operation. The company says the increased production was due to better grades as well as better lead and gold recoveries. Zinc revenue before royalties and resource taxes in the six months to June 30, 2015, was US$26.288 million, up from $24.86 million in 2014, having ben- efted from higher prices achieved whilst lead and precious metals revenues were $10.799 million, up from $10.222 million, with in- creased quantities sold but at lower prices. The cost of sales in the six months was up on the same period in 2014 mainly as a result of increased processing costs with efforts directed at improving precious metal recovery rates. Net operating costs were up with increased regulatory, environmental and social security costs in China. Funds continue to be repatriated from China to cover central costs whilst leaving suffcient working capital within Hua Ao for the completion of the upgrade of the processing facilities and the fur- ther development of the mine. During the period $8.589 million was spent on mine development and plant upgrade work, and $3.875 million was incurred in buying in Griffn shares held in treasury. Bank loans in China of $3.328 million were drawn down, whilst cash bal- ances throughout the group increased by $977,000. Administrative state issues in China outside the company's con- trol continue to delay the grant of a new mining licence over the unmined Zone III deeps, Zone II and adjacent areas at Caijiaying. Development of the mine at Zone III continues and the main drive between Zone III and Zone II has almost been completed. Griffn's chairman Mladen Ninkov said: "Operationally, the com- pany continues to achieve very good results in light of the current downturn in commodity prices and without the imminent commis- sioning of new processing facilities." Underground drilling at Griffn Mining's Caijiaying mine in Hebei Province. Griffn boosts Caijiaying capacity

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