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16 | ASIA Miner | October-December 2015 China 埃尔拉多黄金公司位于中国东北部黑龙江省的 东龙项目获得了项目许可批准。该项目许可批 准是审批流程中最关键的一项,包括对之前获 得的项目许可的审查核实。 之前的项目许可包括环境保护评估,社会稳定 风险评估,以及其他所有相关商业许可。项目 许可(PPA 委员会进行审批。 经过漫长的过程,埃尔拉多获得了项目许可 (PPA 集中精力完成了选厂线路、水电供应建设并进 行了测试。土方工程计划于3季度的9月下旬开 埃尔拉多计划东龙项目在2016年上半年开始生 产。 将采用露天和地下相结合的开采方式。现在已 探明 为837,000吨,其中金品位为11.07 克/吨,银品位为81克/吨。推测资源量为21.68 亿吨,其中金品位为 6.46克 /吨,银品位为 67 克/吨。 矿石为易选矿,金和银的平均回收率分别为 95%和80%。在满负荷生产的情况下,埃尔拉 多计划年产金 70,000盎司,银 570,000盎司, 现金成本(不计副产品折算为银)175美元/盎 司。 埃尔拉多首席执行官Paul Wright介绍说,"项 目许可(PPA)是项目开发中重要的一项,而东 龙项目是我们认为中国境内质量最好的黄金资 产之一。项目许可的获得是中国团队多年辛苦 工作和坚定信心的体现,也获得了加拿大和中 国政府的大力支持。" 与2014年2季度相比,埃尔拉多3座位于中国的 在产矿山—锦丰、滩涧山和白山的同期总产量 有所下滑。由于处理矿石量的减少和黄金库存 量的变化,锦丰项目的产量下降了16%。矿石 处理量的减少主要是由于露天矿开采在该季度 早期结束的原因。 滩涧山的产量减少了3%,原因在于略微下降 的矿石处理量和平均入选品位。由于天气引起 的运输延误是黄金销量减少,这次延误使得6月 份生产的8199盎司在季度结束后才被运出。白 头山项目由于入选品位的下降减少了11%。 ELDORADO Gold has received the Project Permit Approval (PPA) for its Eastern Dragon Project in Heilongjiang Province, northeast China. The PPA is the most signifcant permit required as the approval process includes a review and verifcation of previous permits granted. The previous permits include the Environmental Protection Assess- ment, the Social Risk Management Licence, and all relevant business licences. The PPA was approved at the central government level by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). With the granting of the PPA after a lengthy process Eldorado has recommenced work at the site, initially focusing on completion and testing of the mill circuit along with the work on the power and water supplies. Earthworks were expected to commence late in the September quarter pending the timely receipt of outstanding forestry permits. Eldorado expects Eastern Dragon to commence production in the frst half of 2016. Eastern Dragon is a high-grade gold and silver epithermal vein deposit that will be mined using a combination of open pit and un- derground methods. Current proven reserves stand at 837,000 tonnes grading 11.07 grams/tonne gold and 81 grams/tonne silver. Probable reserves stand at 2168 million tonnes grading 6.46 grams/tonne gold and 67 grams/tonne silver. The ore is free-milling, with average recoveries of 95% for gold and 80% for silver. Once in full production Eldorado expects to produce approximately 70,000 ounces of gold and 570,000 of silver annually at cash costs (net of by-product credits) of $175 per ounce. Eldorado's chief executive offcer Paul Wright says, "The PPA is the major permit approval required in development of what we consider one of the highest quality gold assets in China. This per- mit represents years of hard work and determination by our team in China, in combination with key support from the Canadian and Chinese governments." Gold production in the June quarter at the company's three pro- ducing Chinese operations, Jinfeng, Tanjianshan and White Moun- tain, was lower compared to the corresponding period of 2014. At Jinfeng it was 16% lower as a result of lower tonnes milled and gold in circuit inventory changes. A decrease in tonnes milled was due to completion of open pit mining during the frst quarter. Tanjianshan was 3% lower due to slightly lower tonnes milled and average treated head grade. Gold ounces sold were lower due to weather related shipping delays, which resulted in June produc- tion of 8199 ounces being shipped after quarter end. Production at White Mountain was 11% lower due to reduced head grade. Eldorado Gold expects production to begin in the frst half of 2016 at the Eastern Dragon project in northeast China. Eastern Dragon construction resumes

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