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86 | ASIA Miner | September/October 2014 Product News SUPPLIER of stainless steel emergency safety showers, Enware Aus- tralia, has made its largest export delivery to date, to the $US10.8 bil- lion Ma'aden aluminium complex in Saudi Arabia. Enware has delivered more than 700 of its Australian designed and manufactured emergen- cy safety showers along with associated safety equipment to Korean based design, construct and engineering company Hyundai for Ma'ad- en's joint venture with Alcoa. The tough, reliable and technically advanced Enware safety equip- ment will be used at diverse locations throughout the Ma'aden project, which will use Saudi Arabia's bauxite resources to produce aluminium for domestic and international markets as well as to facilitate the devel- opment of domestic downstream industries in the Kingdom. Ma'aden envisages bauxite production at an annual rate of 4 million tonnes. Enware Australia managing director Adam Degnan says the supply of the custom-designed safety technology to Hyundai is a wonderful vote of confdence that could lead to further export opportunities for Enware, which is already the largest manufacturer of stainless steel safety show- ers in Australia and exports to 15 countries. "Gaining recognition and accolades from a company such as Hyun- dai has already seen us receive an order from another company for identical safety systems for a similar refnery in the Middle East. We have also seen an increase in request for tenders for overseas projects. "However, probably the most pleasing aspect is that Hyundai has contacted us with the possibility of involvement in two further proj- ects under consideration in the Middle East." Enware has won design awards in Australia and overseas for its specialist plumbing and stain- less steel safety products. It has a strong network throughout Australia and New Zealand and has established offces in Singapore to grow ex- ports to that country as well as to Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand, while also opening a base in Dubai to serve rapidly growing markets in India and the Middle East. Adam Degnan says the project was enormously valuable to Enware because of the number of challenges the company successfully met in all areas of its operation, including manufacturing administrative, engi- neering, logistics and R&D. "Dealing effciently and responsively with a company the size and scope of Hyundai in itself threw up many challenges in the transfer of in- formation between us and the refnery operators via Hyundai. The proj- ect was very fuid in that there were a large number of design changes during manufacture which necessitated enormous fexibility on our part to ensure the systems still met required standards. The end result was specifcally designed emergency systems for the project. "The timeline of 15 months from the signing of the contract to fnal delivery was made even tougher as during the process the number of systems required increased several times, which in turn increased the pressure on component suppliers and our manufacturing facility to meet the deadline. "The changes in design and quantities caused us to investigate all avenues of production, leading to a more streamlined manufacturing process and management of our staff to ensure they were able to perform at an optimum level without any detriment to their health. These changes are in place permanently and have led to better all- round production which is a great testament to the teamwork within the company." LIGHTING and safety product specialist APS has launched a Vehicle Safety Optimization Plan. The plan has fve simple steps, and focuses on enhancing situational awareness at both the operator and bystander level by using audible, visual and radar equipment. According to APS chief executive offcer Jeff Baxter, the Vehicle Safe- ty Optimization Plan was a natural next step for the company. "We have more than two decades of experience in the lighting and safety mar- kets, and our clients trust us to deliver the best results. Our team has the expertise to help meet any vehicle safety needs." The Vehicle Safety Optimization Plan offers solutions for all feet sizes and vehicle types, while focusing on reducing costs related to injury and accidents. Jeff Baxter says there are no 'one-size-fts-all' solutions when it comes to safety - every company and project is unique. "This is why an APS expert conducts a site visit to assess your situation and discuss your objectives as the frst step in creating the Vehicle Safety Optimization Plan. They identify any accident, collision or damage scenarios specifc for your site to make the best recommendations. "We then take the information we've learned to develop a unique plan to diminish any safety risks on site. This can include passive and active safety solutions, such as the preview collision alert radar. "The completed Vehicle Safety Optimization Plan is then presented on site, where the APS representative can demonstrate all products before any decision is made to purchase. At APS, our top priority is ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients," Jeff Baxter says. "Previewing products before purchase allows everyone to be sure they are happy with the end result." Depending on site protocols, customer site technicians or trained contractors handle the installation of the upgraded safety equip- ment. APS can also develop customer specifc online training and product induction programs to guarantee new systems work exactly as intended. "Vehicle Safety Optimization Plans use top quality products, to give the best value for money," Jeff Baxter says. "You can count on increased productivity and workplace safety, which gives managers peace of mind." APS new vehicle safety solution Enware showers for Saudi Arabia Enware Australia will supply safety showers to a bauxite project in Saudi Arabia.

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