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84 | ASIA Miner | September/October 2014 Product News CHILE is known worldwide for its wine production and its copper min- ing, and in several places in the country, these two activities coexist. At the entrance to Cerrillos Canyon in Chile lies the Coemin facility, a plant that processes raw copper ore from Carola mine. Just 30km southeast of Copiapó city, this area also hosts grape plantations and is home to families who work in the mine and vineyards. Dust from ore handling and crushing is obviously not desirable for the vineyards, so the plant had long used preventive measures such as foam sprays and fabric barriers to control emissions. As the plant grew, they decided to completely enclose their crushing operations. The task was a challenge, as the equipment and conveyors were not laid out with an enclosure in mind. The main area encompassed more than 5000 square metres in a shape that was whimsically irregular after several expansions. The initial concept consisted of two smaller domes and a huge arched vault for the facility's largest area. Local suppliers were consult- ed but the spans for the big area were simply too large and complex. As a result, project architect Percy Diaz contacted Geometrica for a proposal. The Geometrica team travelled to the site and met with the plant operators. The large arched vault had its drawbacks: bending stresses were very large; it would have required increased truss depth and structural members that would have been too heavy; clearances for access and interior space would be compromised. This vaulted shape meant some of the existing equipment would have to be modifed or have to remain uncovered. Equipment modifcations were undesirable as they would require plant downtime. Geometrica proposed a bold and very different solution - a Free- dome, Geometrica's trade name for a free-style dome. The concept inspired Percy Diaz to sketch a free-form plan. Geometrica considered the scope and scale of the new vision and confrmed that the Free- dome could be built without increasing the budget. Geometrica was tasked to design a dome that would spring from this very irregular plan. Existing equipment and buildings forced the shape: crushers and sifter equipment had to be enclosed, while a hopper had to remain outside. The supporting structure had to bridge existing build- ings. Percy Diaz's plan was a bit like a heart – roughly three sided with rounded corners and a dimple in one of the sides. Spans were 90 metres in the principal directions. When the dome was approved for construction, all elements varied, meaning this project was truly a custom architectural achievement. Thanks to precision pre-fabrication, it was installed by local labour who had no problems following the simple procedures required to build it. Construction of the dome started on the foundation and progressed toward the apex. No scaffolding or operating downtime was required, as the partially-built dome supported its own weight plus that of the construction crews through the whole process. Cladding consisted of rectangular corrugated metal sheets with a polyester fnish. DURATREAD and DRC have formed a new strategic alliance and have unveiled an expanded range of tyres from Vietnam. Duratread and DRC have been cooperating on sales and marketing projects since 2006. The innovative range of tyre products was unveiled at the Latin Tyre Expo in late July in Panama City, Panama. Danang Rubber Joint Stock Company, internationally known as DRC, has inaugurated Vietnam's frst steel radial truck tyre factory with state- of-the-art machines from Europe, Japan and the USA. Built on a totally new greenfeld site with room for future expansion and with excellent lo- gistical connections, it will have annual capacity of 600,000 tyres once fully operational. Duratread is taking one step ahead and strengthening the partnership with DRC, as it will now take over the sales and marketing activities of the brand for the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The new regional offce for this collaboration is located in Panama. Vietnam has experienced a dramatic level of growth and modern- ization that is unprecedented in its history in the last 20 years. It was recently declared the third largest rubber producer in the world with an output of more than 1 million tonnes and represents a strategic access to the principal raw materials of the rubber industry. Duratread is a specialist manufacturer of OTR tyres for construction, port and industrial vehicles, agriculture, trucks and small mine trucks. The range includes about 150 products and is continually growing. In addition, Duratread provides tyre consultancy, servicing and products that enhance tyre life and reduce vehicle downtime. Established in 1975, DRC is Vietnam's leading producer of high quality tyres for motorbikes, cars, trucks and specialist off road and agricultural machines. A technologically driven tyre manufacturer, DRC has continually invested in updating machinery and equipment to keep pace with the rigorous standards and requirements needed for today's vehicle applications, surfaces and safety standards. Duratread and DRC tyre partnership Geometrica designed a unique heart-shaped dome for the crushing facilities at the Coemin facility in northern Chile. Unique Geometrica dome does the job

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