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September/October 2014 | ASIA Miner | 65 AUSTRALIA'S Sandpit Innovation has partnered with global defence service provider Lockheed Martin to develop an advanced reconcili- ation service called mineRECON. The subscription service leverages space-based satellite imagery and advanced analytics to accurately perform material reconciliations throughout complex mining operations. The service is contiguous, competitive, accurate and reliable against other reconciliation methods. Leveraging Lockheed Martin's 20 years of experience in complex data processing and geospatial imagery, mineRECON has the tools and techniques currently used in defence applications to automatically process various types of satellite imagery and produces rapid reconcil- iation reports. This is providing a new level of speed and cost-effective- ness for organizations. While the application of satellite imagery is new to mining, the tech- nology is well-proven, low risk and continues to rapidly evolve. Cur- rently, nine commercial satellites send back high-resolution imagery to the earth. By the end of 2015, the number of high-resolution imagery satellites is projected to exceed 40 and by 2017, that number is pro- jected to exceed 75. "A signifcant difference in mineRECON, outside of measuring materi- al from space, is the fact we provide full custom reconciliation reports, including volume reports based on operational requirements, change detection mapping and fltration, 3D modelling as well as the Digital Elevation Modelling data. We are not simply providing the image data. More to the point we do all of this at a cost comparable to image cap- ture only services," says Sandpit Innovation director Aaron Carter. "Satellite imagery is collected in under 10 minutes and clearly this occurs without any interaction on site. Unlike other methods it is non-in- trusive and eliminates all HSE risks. Advanced processing techniques then allow accurate and repeatable elevation data to be extracted along with change detection and image fltration to produce superior volume calculations." INJURIES to the hand and wrist are among the most common work-re- lated injuries sustained in Australia. According to Safe Work Australia, in the 2012-13 fnancial year there were 116,665 serious claims pertain- ing to such injuries. In the Australian mining industry alone the second most commonly reported lost time injuries are related to hand and wrist injuries, even though safety gloves were worn. Safety gear specialist Elliotts has developed the G-Flex range of gloves – the frst ever safety gloves of their type to be certifed to the standard 'AS/NZS2161.3:2005 Occupational protective gloves'. "On most sites in Australia, you cannot wear safety glass- es, hard hats, boots or respiratory equipment that are not certifed to Australian/New Zealand Standards," says Elliotts' managing director Anthony Elliott. "So why not gloves? This is what led us to developing and certifying the new G-Flex range of gloves. We are all about quality safety gear and are very focused on industry standards, whether Australian or international standards. "Our company will always go the extra step and get our prod- uct certifed, ensuring that our customers know they are re- ceiving the best product and the best protection possible. We are excited about the new range but also excited to be the frst in the world to certify these types of gloves to Australian/New Zealand standards." After a 12-month research and development period to en- sure the gloves were manufactured to the highest possible standards, the G-Flex range of gloves is now available to the Australasian market. Anthony Elliott says G-Flex gloves will become invaluable across numerous applications within the construction, min- ing, manufacturing, oil and gas industries, and will be instru- mental in cutting down the incidence of hand injuries. "It's a glove no one in the industry should be without – their hands, and their livelihood could depend upon it." With more than 40 years' experience, Elliotts is an Austra- lian-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of quality safety gear. Elliotts take care to only supply quality protective clothing and equipment that protect people from harm on a daily basis. Prod- ucts include specialist safety apparel, welding & workshop protec- tion, gloves & hand protection, safety work wear & PPE for workers across many industries . Mine reconnaissance from space The extra step for hand protection G-Flex gloves provide superior protection to both the top and the palm of the hand without compromising dexterity or glove function.

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