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September/October 2014 | ASIA Miner | 63 THE Mancala Group is an Australian-based group of companies pro- viding specialized mining services with a commitment to safety, quality, innovation and operational effciency. With more than 22 years of op- erational history, Mancala has proven expertise in constructing vertical and lateral mines and is also adept at effcient mine production and ancillary activities as a contractor and mine owner/operator. Proven safe work practices and procedures, combined with ft for pur- pose equipment and highly experienced personnel have made Manca- la a leader in the provision of mine services in the Australasian market. Mancala has diversifed into Asia to ensure it is well-positioned for the changing trends associated with mining and resource cycles. The company has adapted to the mining boom and bust cycles by modify- ing its business model to ensure it remains competitive and well posi- tioned in the market place. Mancala has decided to operate a diversifed business which has held it in good stead in leaner times. While many competitors may be able to service one part of a client's requirements, Mancala has and will continue to provide a genuine end-to-end service capability. Mancala engineers, develops, rehabilitates and installs the required infrastructure and services for mine construction and provides all of the required equipment, maintenance, labour and management support services. The company has experienced and capable people who can work across all divisions, maximizing labour capability with multi-skilled per- sonnel. The company has taken a strategic approach to recruiting the right people and has invested in its staff through training and develop- ment to provide employees with a wide-range of skills and expertise. Mancala has committed to investing in new product development with up to 10% of its business devoted to R&D and this is expected to increase into the future. New product development is geared towards making operations safer, smarter and faster for its clients. Mancala is vigilant in reviewing and adjusting its business strategy to ensure its services remain aligned to the Australian and global market and remain in step with its customers. Mancala's ongoing investment in R&D, commitment to extended dura- tion offshore mining contracts and plans to aggressively grow the offshore component of the business, should ensure Mancala's ongoing success. WHEN the frst laser was built in 1960 it captured the imagination of the public and science fction fans in particular. Today lasers are all around us and have many potential applications in the mining industry despite the fact that lasers often involve pulses of high voltage electricity, which is not a good ft with potentially explosive gas or dust mixtures underground. Melbourne-based engineer Zoran Crvenkovic saw a solution. Already servicing laser systems used for precision measurement, he realized that industry demand was growing which led him to establish Mono- chromatic Engineering Pty Ltd, to design and build Australian lasers. Now known as MCE Lasers, his company specializes in the manu- facture and design of lasers for alignment and levelling. The full range is rugged and entirely made from materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminium and brass. Lasers work by pumping energy into a material that then releases it as light and using mirrors to feed the light back on itself to produce a powerful, narrow beam. MCE Lasers use semi-conductor diodes to generate light at low voltages, meaning they're intrinsically safe, and can never get too hot or produce a spark that could ignite hazard- ous material. They can be powered by anything from D cells to LR44 cell batteries, depending on the customer's ideal operating time and physical size requirements. "While I've heard the familiar refrain 'lasers are a solution looking for a problem', the success of MCE Lasers has been built on the close relationship with our clients to determine their whole project alignment needs," says Zoran Crvenkovic. The company's range of lasers is being used by Rio Tinto, Newcrest, Xstrata Coal and BHP Billiton in countries such as Colombia, Croatia, Canada, China, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. MCE Lasers provide alignment and levelling capabilities for every application, including mining. Explosion-proof lasers for straight tunnels Mancala offers end-to-end capability Australian-based Mancala Group has proven expertise in constructing vertical and lateral mines and in provision of mine services.

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