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58 | ASIA Miner | September/October 2014 THE Australian Turntable Company is a family-owned business based in Bendigo, Victoria. It has grown from small beginnings to become a national and international supplier of custom-designed turntables for the transport industry, and is now targeting the mining industry. The business was founded by Paul Chapman in 1987 and has a long history of successful projects in Australia and internationally - from revolving restaurants in Dubai, Qatar and the world's largest revolving restaurant in Iran to exhibition and showroom turntables for many of the major motor car manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, BMW and Rolls Royce. The company uses the latest 3D software and laser cutting technol- ogy to custom design and manufacture turntable solutions for anything from small to large trucks. The company focuses on productivity and safety. For the trucking and logistics industry, productivity is improved by min- imizing the space required at a loading dock. Turntables reduce the need for trucks to reverse. For many loading docks installing a turntable can free up valuable space that can be used for commercial purposes. Safety is improved because trucks enjoy forward entry and exit to load- ing docks. This vastly improves public safety in highly congested areas like supermarket car parks. Some large organizations have a policy of no trucks reversing on their premises because of safety concerns. With supermarkets generally lo- cated in populated areas, eliminating loud, beeping, reversing noise is a signifcant beneft of installing a turntable. On a trade mission to Chile, company chairman Paul Chapman visit- ed a mine and watched mining trucks manoeuvre precariously as they reversed and tried to align with the crusher. Truck drivers at the site confrmed that the most stressful part of their day was reversing these massive trucks without clear line of sight. This highlighted an opportu- nity for the Australian Turntable Company to introduce its product to the mining industry. The company is ISO accredited, which is mandatory to supply to the mining industry. Through its cutting-edge design capability it produces high quality animations to show potential customers the clear bene- fts of installing a turntable. Through clearly articulating the benefts to mining and trading on its reputation for being innovative and customer driven, the Australian Turntable Company has already broken into the mining industry but has only just scratched the surface. Its frst mining job came when it won a stringent tender process for de- sign, engineer, manufacture, test and freight of a six-metre 100-tonne turntable for a major company at a mine site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Paul Chapman says this turntable has helped the company save millions of dollars in lost time manoeuvring machines on their way to and from maintenance facilities. The Australian Turntable Company is working to build its export busi- ness in Monte Carlo, Paris, Chile, Peru and New Zealand. With its com- mitment to innovation and its ability to demonstrate the proven ability of its product to improve safety and productivity, the company is poised for continued growth and success. THE $1.47 billion Antapaccay Copper Project is a long-life, low-cost expansion to Xstrata's Tintaya copper mine in southern Peru. Located about 10km from the original open-pit mine, the Antapaccay deposit will increase annual copper-in-concentrate production from Tintaya by 60% to an average of 160,000 tonnes for the frst six years. It will trans- form the mine into a 20-year business. And all the collaboration, communication and document management for this huge construction project was handled online using the Aconex platform, developed in Melbourne. "One of the key things we liked about Aconex was the fact that it only took two weeks to set up the project. We had Aconex running and in place within that time ... and it was pretty easy to get around. By giving basic instruction to people, they can get into the system and start work- ing," says Xstrata project administration Superintendent Pablo Diaz. He says one of the key challenges for a project of this size was the need to deliver two gigabytes of information to Australia, United States, Argentina, Peru and Chile. "We uploaded it to Aconex, and fnished the review with no delays. "The confdence of downloading the document and knowing it's the latest version reduces risk. So when we have our engineers print the document and do a revision, we know, if they downloaded it from Aconex, they have the latest version," Pablo Diaz adds. Commenting on the unique Aconex commercial model that offers unlimited use pricing, document controller and information manag- er Tomas Perez says, "From the beginning, it's been a very easy tool [with which] to give information to our contractors. In relation to costs, I'm speechless. The fact that Aconex is free [for them] to use is a major saving." About turn for the mining industry Collaboration, communication and document management for the Antapaccay operation in Peru was handled online using the Aconex platform, developed in Melbourne Documenting construction in the cloud

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