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52 | ASIA Miner | September/October 2014 Events Eiichiro Makino K-Coal Co Ltd, PT K-Coal International Indonesia, K-Coal Canada and K-Coal Australia president, and K-Coal China chairman. He has been assigned to implement various projects since graduating from Hokkaido University in Japan. He helped implement the Brown Coal Liquefaction (BCL) pilot plant project in Victoria, Australia, and has been involved in coal utilization projects and development of alternative energy sources globally. He has been involved with low rank coal utilization projects such as BCL, an Upgraded Brown Coal (UBC) pilot plant project, big-scale lig- nite mine mouth IPP project and a new lignite gasifcation development project, primarily in Indonesia. He also has been developing a Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) project and a lignite upgrading project for effec- tive, economical and environmentally friendly utilization of lignite. He is developing the lignite upgrading process in Asia in conjunc- tion with Clean Coal Technology and is also developing a CO2 ground monitoring system for advancing CCS projects around the World. Bambang Triharyono PT Pendopo Energi Batubara general manager and head of business development. In the future, Mine Mouth Power Plants (MMPP) will play an import- ant role in fulflling electricity needs, especially in Sumatra and Java. The long-term Contract of Electricity price from MMPP including trans- mission is cheaper than Conventional Power Plants (CPP) especially if MMPP use low rank coal. There are huge low rank coal resources in South Sumatra and utiliza- tion of this coal for MMPP has been very limited until now. Transfer of electricity is less complicated than transportation of coal to CPP. MMPP regulation is needed and the goal is to attract international IPP developers and provide certainty in term of policies, transparency in tender process, guideline of coal price, security of coal supply and permits. On April 7, 2014, MEMR Regulation No 10 Year 2014 was issued concerning the procedure and stipulation of coal prices for MMPP. We understand that any government regulation related to development of MMP must leverage the utilization of low rank coal and provide higher Government income. Moreover any MMPP regulation has to consider the view from international lenders, especially in relation to the bankabil- ity of MMPP projects. In view of these points, we feel there are issues that should be dis- cussed to determine if this regulation is in line with the spirit of the grand scenario of why MMPP are needed. Ir H Permana South Sumatra Province, Industry and Trade Department head. As head of the provincial government's Industry and Trade Depart- ment, Ir Permana will discuss the coal industry in the region. The frst part of his presentation will deal with the prospects of coal trading in South Sumatra and will include the region's coal potential, possible in- vestment opportunities and the downstream needs of coal producers. The second part will examine the problems facing the industry, in- cluding the transportation system for coal to be transferred outside the province, port facilities, coal mining licences and the restriction of coal transportation along the main transport route. Garry Spencer IDS Australasia, Perth, Western Australia Garry's presentation is 'Open pit mine SAR monitoring: Current capa- bility and a glimpse into the near future'. Over the past 10 years slope monitoring radar has evolved as a cen- tral tool for safety critical monitoring of pit wall movements in surface mining. Recent technical advances with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and photographic cameras have produced monitoring systems with very high spatial and temporal specifcations. From the spatial aspect, technical advances in radar technology in- clude operating at long distance (<4km), wide area coverage, high spa- tial resolution (0.5 x 8.6 metres at 2km distance), full geo-referencing with open pit terrain and high resolution photographic/video data. This capability enables broad area coverage for safety critical monitoring in open pit mines and when multiple SAR with camera units are estab- lished in pits, high resolution monitoring of entire open pit mines can be achieved. The video capability of the camera system also comes with program- mable pan, tilt and zoom controls allowing the camera to be auto- matically positioned and focused on triggered alarm areas. Real time integration with other pit monitoring systems, such as survey prism systems, using open industry data formats and interfacing, also allow higher levels of confdence for critical alarming scenarios. Solid safety, operational and business benefts have already been achieved by using current radar technology for open pit monitoring. Extending radar capability and real time open integration of radar sys- tems with other supporting technology will provide substantial safety, operational and business benefts to mine owners. Diky Tendi Trisna Martin Engineering Indonesia and PT Martin Supra Engineering general manager Belt conveyors see a number of problems, like the release of fugitive ma- terials as dust and spillage, off-centre loading and belt mistracking. These are magnifed by the maintenance, safety and housekeeping issues they create and compound. Perhaps 90% of the problems arise in the loading zone but new modular engineering concepts offer ways to upgrade con- veyor loading zones, control fugitive material and belt tracking. The presentation will examine new or improved conveyor compo- nents that address common loading zone issues. It will discuss loading chutes that improve load placement, offering centralized loading that prevent mistracking and will look at improved transfer point enclosures that slow air movement and reduce the entrainment of particles into the air to prevent the escape of dust. It will review dust management systems, including dust suppression technologies and insertable air cleaners that control dust at its source in the loading zone, and will highlight other improved conveyor compo- nents that simplify maintenance requirements, to minimize downtime and labour costs, while improving safety. Expert speakers for Sumatra Miner A NUMBER of expert speakers will participate in the Sumatra Miner conference from October 22-24. They include:

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