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28 | ASIA Miner | September/October 2014 China 戈壁矿务收到延西项目剩余资金 在取得新疆延西铜矿项目相邻区域的采矿许可 后,戈壁矿务收到了约540万美元的现金作为该区 域余款剩余的50%。加上2012年12月收到的50%, 该公司已为该区域收到了合计约1080万美元的资 金。 去掉约580万美元的相关付款和支出后,包括为 获得新区域的采矿许可而进行的钻探工作以及对 当地股东的应付款,戈壁矿务集团在该区域实现 税前利润约500万美元。 戈壁矿务拥有新疆同源矿业公司70%的股权,以 开发新疆萨瓦亚尔顿黄金项目,当地的两家合作 15%的股权。符合NI 43-101标准的资 源评估更新于2014年4月发布。边界金品位达到1 克/吨,据测该项目的I和IV区域的合计测定和指示 资源量为平均品位1.8克/吨的矿石约2200万吨,约 合金127万盎司,合计推测资源量为平均品位1.4 克/吨的矿石约6200万吨,约合金270万盎司。 由于金矿项目地区的多雪天气,2014年的前4个 月未在该区域进行勘探作业。戈壁矿务计划于6月 份开始2014年的钻探项目。鉴于目前的市场行情, 戈壁矿务将2014年的钻探计划削减至约6500米。 戈壁矿务通过同源公司对萨瓦亚尔顿项目进行 运行和经营,同源拥有I和IV号区域的采矿和探矿 许可,面积分别为1.7094平方公里和20.27平方公 里。萨瓦亚尔顿位于新疆西部城市喀什西北200公 里。 戈壁矿务还拥有中国精密材料有限公司48.02% 的股权,该公司从事金属(主要为银)的贸易和 加工。2014年4月23日,戈壁矿务宣布启动通过置 换的方式申请在香港证券交易所创业板上市的计 划。戈壁矿务在中国精密材料公司的股权将维持 在48.02%左右。 40% 探,包括镍、铜和金,拥有延西铜矿 3.5%的股 权。戈壁矿务正积极需求获取高质量采矿和勘探 项目的机会。 GOBIMIN has received approximately US$5.4 million in cash representing the remaining 50% balance for the area adjacent to Yanxi Copper Property in Xinjiang province upon obtaining the mining licence of the new area. Along with the frst 50% received in December 2012, the company has received a total of approximately US$10.8 million for the new area. After netting off the related payments and expenses of approximately US$5.8 million, including drilling work for the application of the mining licence of the new area and amount payable to the local shareholders, the group recorded a gain before tax of approximately US$5.0 million for the new area. GobiMin owns a 70% equity interest in Xinjiang Tongyu- an Minerals for the development of the Sawayaerdun Gold Project in Xinjiang while two local partners each hold a 15% interest. An NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate update was published in April 2014. At a cut-off grade of 1.0 grams/ tonne gold, its Zone I and Zone IV are estimated to contain a total of about 22 million tonnes at an average grade of 1.8 grams/tonne gold for about 1.27 million contained ounces in the measured and indicated category and about 62 million tonnes averaging 1.4 grams/tonne for about 2.7 million con- tained ounces in the inferred category. Due to snowy weather in the gold project area, no exploration activity was conducted during the four months ended April 30, 2014. GobiMin planned to commence the 2014 drilling pro- grams by June. In view of the current market situation, GobiMin is reducing the 2014 program to about 6500 metres. GobiMin is operating and managing the Sawayaerdun project through Tongyuan which is the holder of the mining and exploration licences of the Zone I and Zone IV mine site covering an area of 1.7094sqkm and 20.27sqkm respec- tively. Sawayaerdun is 200km northwest of the city of Kashi in western Xinjiang GobiMin also holds an equity interest of 48.02% in China Precision Material Ltd which engages in metal trading and processing, predominantly in silver. On April 23, 2014, GobiMin an- nounced that China Precision had kicked off its plan to apply for listing on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited by way of a placement. The equity interest of GobiMin in China Precision will remain approximately 48.02%. It also owns 40% equity interests each in three companies incorporat- ed in Xinjiang to engage in base metals and precious metal exploration, including nickel, copper and gold, and retains a 3.5% equity interest in the Yanxi Copper Property. GobiMin is aggressively seeking opportuni- ties to acquire high quality mining and exploration projects. GobiMin receives remaining Yanxi funds GobiMin's major property is Sawayaerdun which is in the far west of Xinjiang province, bordering the Kyrgyz Republic.

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