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the asia miner • volume 16 • issue 3 48 SUPPLIER NEWS Since its foundation in 1924 in Japan, Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture, supply and sales of pumps, environmental devices and related equipment, with submersible pumps being key products. Tsurumi offers "LH-14/LH-W-14 series corrosion-resistant pumps," which are suitable for drainage of corrosive liquids in mines. For all parts of Tsurumi submersible corrosion-resistant pumps that are exposed to fluids, 316 stainless steel is used, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. Using this material can protect the pumps from corrosion, enabling handling of corrosive acidic liquids and chemical liquids of a low pH value. Particularly, Tsurumi has devoted energy to development of submersible pumps made of 316 stainless steel casting. The pumps made of stainless steel casting provide durability to withstand harsh applications in which pumps made of aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron may suffer damage in several days or several weeks. Use of stainless steel casting considerably improves product reliability, in comparison with use of stainless steel, in applications that need heavy-duty work. The LH-14/LH-W-14 series is a submersible stainless steel casting high head corrosion-resistant pump designed for handling aggressive and corrosive liquids . The all wetted parts are made of 316 stainless steel, enables it to withstand demanding conditions found in construction, aggregate and mining applications. The LH-14 series has a single impeller, and the LH-W-14 series has dual impellers. The LH-14 and LH-W-14 series are available in a wide product lineup, covering a discharge bore diameter of 80 to 200 mm, motor output of 11 to 110 kW, and maximum head of 51.8 to 184 m. These pumps, as well as Tsurumi's general drainage pumps, are equipped with an anti-wicking cable, motor protector, SiC dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces, and Oil Lifter, with extensive research and a track record accumulated over many years combined into Tsurumi original technologies. And the material used for rubber parts such as the mechanical seal, oil seal, O-ring and packing, is FPM (FKM), which provides high resistance to heat and chemical exposure. With these features, Tsurumi pumps are designed to provide high reliability and excellent durability, enabling continuous operations for long periods. Tsurumi Submersible All Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant Pumps To order our products, please contact us direct. The OO series is indicated with our series code in this text. Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. LH-14 series (Single Impeller) LH-W-14 series (Dual Impellers)

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