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VDMA 43 2019 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT Mining that benefits German manufacturers in particular. The industry is expecting a further moderate increase in exports to the USA in the coming year. German mining equipment manufacturers are also enjoying healthy business with China, with the export share to the country expected to increase from 7% to almost 10% this year. According to Schulte Strathaus, policymakers in China have realized that establishing high-performance mines can only be realized to a limited extent when only domestic technology is used. German manufacturers provide technologies that are either unavailable in China or only available to a very limited degree. However, China is making considerable efforts to close existing technology gaps. "We still have an edge when it comes to extraction technology, especially in underground mining," Schulte Strathaus said. "However, we do not know how long we will be able to maintain our lead, or perhaps expand it." The industry expects that its exports to the People's Republic of China will increase further over the coming year. The future for German mining equipment manufacturers lies outside its domestic borders, Schulte Strathaus emphasized. With the support of VDMA, the sector began increasing its activities abroad at an early stage. New markets were the subject of intense exploration and development, and it is therefore no surprise that the sector has an optimistic view of the future. The demand for raw materials will continue to increase. Schulte Strathaus pointed to an assessment by the OECD that found the demand for raw materials will nearly double by 2060. This will have a positive and sustained impact on business. Increased demand is primarily expected by companies that extract raw materials to be used in the production of alternative energy generation. Roadmap Aims to Support Companies German mining equipment manufacturers will increasingly have to deal with demands that society places on raw mate- rials extraction and thus the mine operators as customers of the equipment manufacturers. The world is becoming a more transparent place and the market no longer accepts raw ma- terials from questionable sources. Similarly, society continues to embrace technology, not only in its handheld devices, but in homes, offices and autos. The rush for the metals that will sup- port this greener lifestyle has already started with the search for specialty metals and battery minerals, such as lithium, co- balt, graphite and other rare earth minerals. For the mining sector, the digital revolution has arrived. What began in the processing plants has now moved into the pits and underground. Today, mines employ large fleets of autonomous vehicles. This edition of Best of Germany reveals many other ways the mine operators can leverage data to improve opera- tions. Mining in the connected environment of the future will require increased digitalization. Already, digitalization has influ- enced many aspects of mining from exploration to engineering and design simulation to advanced process controls. Schulte Strathaus summarized the situation with several keywords: sustainability, green mining, and safe and healthy working conditions. Together with VDMA, a roadmap is cur- rently in development, which is intended to support compa- nies in identifying new challenges and reacting to them in line with market requirements and thus successfully. The task is to now filter the decisive parameters from the vast amounts of machine data collected and make it usable for controlling the machines and, ultimately, the entire process. "This is exactly where our strengths lie," Schulte Strathaus said. Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 5903 707-0 E-Mail: Paus Scalers are specially designed for use in mining and tunnelling. 50 years of experience are available for your individual and efficient solution. Showing their advantages even in challenging enviroments. You can count on them. Visit us on BAUMA 2019 Open Air Area FM 713/9 Utilization Advantage

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