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the asia miner • volume 16 • issue 1 29 WASTE TO ENERGY preservaঞon of natural resources and generaঞng savings for the company. OGPI general manager David Way said that as the government's partner in development, the company ensured that mineral extracঞon was carried out "in the most responsible manner through the collecঞve and dedicated efforts in improving environmental performance." The company has been using the safest and most environmentally friendly mineral processing technology. "We implement best pracঞces that will minimise the impact of our operaঞon and further enhance our surrounding environment and communiঞes", said Mr Way. DESIGN The design of the TSF maintains a robust dam wall capable of containing the mill tailings in a mountainous terrain which experiences rainfall up to 3,000mm per annum. The TSF foundaঞon was stripped of all alluvial material down to base rock and keyed in to reduce seepage, and is constructed of six zones. Zone 3B The main waste rock structural buress placed in 1m compacted layers. Zone 3A Sorted fine rock 3m wide compacted rock provides a transiঞon from the gravel to the rock fill zone. Zone 2B Gravel Filter 1.5m wide designed to protect the sand from any potenঞal 'piping' failure. Zone 2A Sand Filter 1.5m wide designed to protect the clay from any 'piping' failure. Zone 1 Low permeability 10m wide clay core designed to retain tailings and reduce seepage from the TSF. Zone 3C General waste rock ~10m wide provides structural support and a trucking/ placing surface for zone 1.

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