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the asia miner • volume 16 • issue 1 2 FROM THE EDITOR At the beginning of 2019, the outlook for raঞngs on metals and mining issuers looked stable, with the raঞng bias improving modestly relaঞve to last year. Things were moving up, and then they weren't … In late January 2019, another of Vale's dams in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais collapsed, releasing a torrent of sludge killing at least 150 people, with another 180 missing. This was a greater loss of life then the 2015 Samarco Mariana dam disaster from which Vale and BHP are sঞll recovering. According to a Vale media statement, the company is looking to decommission a further 10 dams, which would reduce its global iron ore output by 40 million tonnes a year. The most recent disaster sent a lightning bolt through commodity markets as it threatened global iron ore supply. Consequently, markets went into a frenzy, pushing prices up 18 per cent, as the commodity rocketed towards levels not seen since 2014. Then in early February, Chief Judge Brian Preston of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court in Australia handed down a landmark judgement confirming a decision to refuse a new open-cut coal mine in the Hunter Valley on the grounds that the mine will contribute to climate change. Even though there are other caveats and reasons for the applicaঞon being rejected, a strong message is being sent to the industry: environment and community come first. With depleঞng resources and increasingly growing demands on the energy sector, as well as increasing energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, the Internaঞonal Energy Agency (IEA) argues that across all regions and fuels, policy choices made by governments will determine the shape of the energy system of the future. This will have a large impact on the mining sector – in a posiঞve and a negaঞve way. In our Waste to Energy secঞon we ask what is coal's future in the energy market? We also look at some of the ways in which the sector embraces the environmental and community challenge. But things are not completely dire for 2019. Deloie's report Tracking the trends 2019 shows that Australia's five-year mining investment slump appears to be turning, with the resources sector looking to start adding to growth. But, Deloie warns that in this new world order, miners will not aract talent, investment, or community support if they only focus on communicaঞng the value that they currently bring to communiঞes. Miners will need to go a step further and arঞculate what they stand for by developing differenঞated business models designed to drive long-term value. Our Leading Developments secঞon focuses on the new technological advances within the mining sector – from AI through to new extracঞon processes that are beneficial to the pocket and the environment. Our metals feature in this issue of The ASIA Miner looks at copper (p. 31). Analysts predict that by 2035, demand for copper will reach 11 million tonnes - for electric vehicles (EVs) alone. This appears to be solidly supported by IEA's forecast that EVs will grow from three million to 125 million by 2030 spurred by policies that encourage the purchase of clean-running vehicles. In this ediঞon of the magazine we also explore what is happening across our region, with a parঞcular focus on Mongolia and Central Asia. Sylwia Przybyla Editor The ASIA Miner® Suite 1, G02/685 Burke Road, Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria, 3124 Australia Phone: + 61 3 9006 1742 Mobile: + 61 417 517 863 Publisher—Lanita Idrus, Editor— Sylwia Przybyla, Corporate Office 8751 East Hampden Ave, Suite B-1 Denver, Colorado 80231, U.S.A. Phone: +1 303-283-0640 Fax: +1 303-283-0641 President—Peter Johnson, Graphic Designer—Michael Florman, mflorman@semcopublish- ProducƟon Manager—Dan FiƩs, dfiƩ SubscripƟons: $120/year—Tanna Holzer, AccounƟng—Lorraine Mestas, INTERNATIONAL SALES U.S. & Canada, Sales —Victor MaƩeucci, vmaƩ Tel +1 440 257 7565 Scandinavia, U.K. & European, Sales—Colm Barry, Tel +46 (0) 736 334670 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sales— Gerd Strasmann, Tel +49 2191 93 1497 Japan Sales—Masao Ishiguro, Tel +81 (3) 3719 0775 Indonesia Sales—Dimas Abdillah, Tel +6221 2940 6337 The ASIA Miner® is published quarterly and every endeavour is made to ensure the contents are correct at Ɵme of publicaƟon. The Publisher and Editors do not endorse the opinions expressed in the magazine. Editorial advice is non-specific and readers are advised to seek professional advice for specific issues. 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