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the asia miner • volume 16 • issue 1 14 REGIONAL FOCUS: Central Asia & Mongolia Lithium miner Alliance Mineral Assets has restructured its o\ake agreements to pursue addiঞonal o\ake partners and other opportuniঞes for projected increases in lithium concentrate producঞon. Alliance, which owns the Bald Hill mine in Western Australia a[er buying out its partner Tawana Resources in 2018, said it was in talks with parঞes in South Korea, Japan, and China, and expected to choose final customers for half of its lithium supply in the next few weeks. Under the restructure, Alliance and its subsidiary Lithco No.2 have agreed with Burwill Lithium Company Limited (BCLC) and its parent company Burwill Holdings that BCLC will transfer its rights and obligaঞons as the buyer under their respecঞve long-term o\ake agreements to Chinese chemicals maker Jiangxi Bao Jiang Lithium Industrial Limited, which is owned 50:50 by BCLC and Jiangte Special Electric Motor Co. Jiangxi will take about half the previously agreed amount of lithium, equaঞng to a first 10,000 tonne shipment next month – as part of an 80,000-100,000 supply deal this year – and rising to 100,000-140,000 tonnes from 2020-2022. The amended lithium o\ake agreements provide for a market linked pricing mechanism, with lower and upper limits of US$680 per tonne and US$1080 per tonne respecঞvely for the remaining term ending on 31 December 2022. The remaining 18,000dmt from 2018 producঞon will be purchased by Jiangxi at the 2018 fixed price of US$880 per dry metric tonnes (dmt) FOB at 6 per cent Li20. Managing Director Mark Calderwood sees the o\ake agreement from Burwill to Jiangxi as a good outcome for Alliance. "It provides certainty for the demand of our premium quality spodumene concentrate while simultaneously freeing us up to sell approximately 50 per cent of our annual producঞon to other customers," said Mr Calderwood. "We sঞll have 80,000-100,000 tonnes that is not commied. Arguably, ours is the last 100,000 tonnes out there. (Australian supply) is all prey much locked down." Alliance also raised its producঞon guidance for the first-half of 2019 to 65,000-80,000dmt of lithium concentrate, from 55,000-60,000dmt produced in the second half of 2018. The company has also released a revised mine schedule for 2019 and 2020 to accommodate increased ore processing rates expected in Q3 2019. Singapore's Alliance Minerals restructures lithium offtake agreements 锂矿商联盟矿业资产(Alliance Mineral Assets)已对其 开采协议进行了重组,以寻求更多的开采合作伙伴,并为预 计的锂精矿产量增长提供其它机会。 联盟商在2018年购买了其合作伙伴Tawana的资源后在西 户。 根据重组,联盟及其子公司Lithco第二同意Burwill锂 (BCLC)有限公司及其母公司Burwill控股BCLC将转让其权利 宝江锂工业有限公司,旗下50:50 BCLC和特殊江特电机有限 2020年至2022年将增至10万至14万吨。 修订后的锂开采协议规定了一个与市场挂钩的定价机 制,在截至2022年12月31日的剩余期限内,价格上限和下限 分别为每吨680美元和1080美元。江西将按照2018年每干公 吨(dmt)离岸价880美元(FOB)、6% Li20的固定价格,购买 2018年剩余的1.8万吨dmt。总经理马克·卡尔德伍德认为从 布尔维尔到江西的合同对联盟来说是一个好的结果。 供了确定性,同时让我们有时间向其它客"我们仍有8万至 10万吨没有承诺。可以说我们的是最后10万吨。(澳大利亚 的供应)几乎全部被锁定。联盟还将2019年上半年的锂精矿 生产指导从目前的65000 - 80000 dmt上调至65000 - 80000 dmt 2018年下半年生产5.5万至6万公吨。该公司还发布了 2019年和2020年修订后的采矿计划,以适应2019年第三季度 矿石加工速度的提高。户销售约50%的年产量。 新加坡矿业联盟重组了锂开采协议

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