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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 3 46 SUPPLIER NEWS Eighty years have passed since Charles Warman created the Warman Pump in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia – a pump that revoluঞonised the mining industry, and one which conঞnues to push the boundaries of pump performance to this day. Charles Warman's original design a hard-wearing slurry pump that used replaceable liners and a replaceable impeller, something that had never been done before. Today, this iconic slurry pump is designed and manufactured by Weir Minerals, a global provider of engineering technology and services to the mining industry, who acquired the Warman® pump in 1999. "Charles Warman was a visionary and an innovator. The use of rubber lining in the pump was ground breaking as it reduced total ownership costs, was safer to handle and offered extended wear life in many abrasive slurry applicaঞons. It is a great example of solving customer problems with material science, and is sঞll taught in Universiঞes today," commented Marcus Lane, Global Product Manager for centrifugal pumps at Weir Minerals. In honour of this legendary brand, Weir Minerals hosted the 80th Anniversary event at the end of May in Kalgoorlie. Aended by a variety of guests, including customers, members of the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), design houses, as well as current and past employees. Throughout the evening, aendees relived Warman pumps' history and gained an insight into some of the future innovaঞons planned. "It was a privilege to share this special night with some of our key customers, past and present employees, and members of the Western Australian School of Mines," stated Ricardo Garib, Divisional President of Weir Minerals. "Warman is one of our leading brands. It has truly shaped the Mining industry over the past 80 years and is a product we are all very proud of. The Warman pump, invented to solve high wear issues in slurry pumping, created a thriving industrial business that is now the cornerstone of Weir Minerals with over 8,000 people, and over 150 manufacturing and service centres Always Warman – celebrating 80 years of innovation across the globe." WARMAN PUMP THROUGH THE DECADES A[er its iniঞal manufacture, the pump was quickly adopted throughout the goldfields in Western Australia and by the 1950s, as customer demand rose, Charles Warman expanded his business by opening offices in Sydney and Perth. During the 1960s the rapid growth of the business conঞnued with manufacturing and sales outlets established around the world. The Warman® Series 'A' pump was accepted and became world leader in its field. Further work on the Warman AH® pump resulted in the development of interchangeable metal and rubber wearing components. The Warman® AH pump range was extended with the addiঞon of the AHP high-pressure pump in 1974. At the ঞme, this was the largest rubber-lined high-pressure slurry pump in the world and is sঞll in service today in many tailings pipelines across the globe. Innovaঞons conঞnued throughout the decades, with pumps designed for a number of tough applicaঞons including Flue Gas Desulphurisaঞon. In 1994, the Warman® GSL pump was developed to handle high flows and corrosive slurry. It took the market by storm due to its superior performance and long life and became the global standard. "I think one of the key reasons for the growth of the Warman pump was that it was reliable, people came to trust it because it had been around for so long. It was this trust that enabled them to focus on other things in the plant and not have to worry about the pump stopping their business," said Mr Lane. A[er its acquisiঞon by Weir Minerals in 1999, a number of technological advancements were achieved for the Warman® pump range. In 2002, a revoluঞonary new impeller and inlet design for pumping mineral froths and high-density viscous slurries was developed, and in 2009, Weir Minerals created the Warman® Beginnings of the Warman Pump which revoluonised the mining industry

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