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the asia miner • volume 15 • issue 3 40 AROUND THE REGION As reported in Chinese media, a new method for extracঞng lithium in a greener and more efficient way has passed China's state-level appraisal, paving way for its commercialisaঞon to boost the new energy sector. Qiu Zumin, professor of the insঞtute of environmental science and A new method for extracng lithium has passed China's state-level appraisal China finds greener way to make lithium batteries 中国找到更环保的方法制造锂 电池 据中国媒体报道,一种更环保、更有效的提 取锂的新方法已经通过了中国的国家级评 估,为其商业化铺平了道路,以促进新能源 授表示,新的锂提取技术已通过国家科技成 果鉴定。预计将取代中国目前的锂提取方 法,目前的提取方法因产生大量的废物和盈 利能力低而被指责。 备、汽车、医药和其他行业—锂电池依靠碳 酸锂作为原材料。中国尽管锂资源丰富,但 是开采技术落后,大约进口80%的碳酸锂。 1吨碳酸锂,需产 生30-40吨的废物。这种废物的处理非常昂 贵。 新方法由江西昊海锂能、南昌大学等机构联 合开发。它可以分离锂云母中的所有元素。 昊海董事长彭桂永表示,公司计划投资10亿 元人民币(1.56亿美元)建设年产4万吨碳酸 锂的生产线。 江西拥有世界上最大的锂云母矿。该省氧化 engineering in Nanchang University, said the new lithium extracঞon technology has passed the naঞonal scienঞfic and technological achievements appraisal. It is expected to replace current lithium extracঞon methods in China, which have been blamed for producing huge amounts of waste and also for having low profitability. With the word's growing reliance on lithium-ion baeries – from electronic devices, cars, medicine and other industries – lithium cells rely on lithium carbonate as the raw material. China imports approximately 80 percent of its lithium carbonate, though it is rich in lithium resources, due to outdated mining technology. With tradiঞonal methods, 30- 40 tonnes of waste are produced in generaঞng 1 tonne of lithium carbonate. Treatment of this waste very expensive. The new method is jointly developed by the Jiangxi Haohai Lithium Energy, Nanchang University and other insঞtuঞons. It can separate all the elements in lithium micas. Peng Guiyong, chair of Haohai, said the company plans to invest 1 billion yuan (156 million U.S. dollars) to build a producঞon line with an annual capacity of 40,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate. Jiangxi boasts the world's largest lithium mica mine. The province's reserve of lithium oxide accounts for one-third of China's total.

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