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Volume 14 • Issue 1 | 2017 | ASIA Miner | 91 "We must work to understand our customer requirements and work with them if we are to have any sort of positive impact. We must tailor our solutions to suit the environment in which we aim to do business. Weir does this in all its divisions," he adds. Fred Purches says, "I am very proud of the team we have in this division, which is typified by Peter Smit who has more than 30 years' experience in this field. The engineering capabilities and experience of people like Peter enable us to make effective diagnosis of the fluid transfer issues facing miners throughout the varied Asia Pacific region. As well as having this wealth of knowledge and experience, we have a can-do team that wants to deliver solutions to help min- ing prosper and grow." Waste to Energy emphasis There is an increasing emphasis on the concept of waste to energy throughout the mining cycle, Fred Purches says, and it is certainly an area Weir is concentrating on in dewatering. "It is important, par- ticularly where water is in short supply, that we continue to develop technology to ensure that the water drawn out by dewatering be- comes a resource for mining or even for other uses by communities surrounding the mine sites. "Dewatering is a complex and expensive task so it makes a lot of sense to get more value from the water that is drawn out, rather than it just going to waste – it is increasingly important to manage water effectively." Innovation part of Weir DNA "Innovation is very important", Fred Purches says, "and Weir spends a lot of time and money on research and development which en- ables us to meet the industry's ever changing requirements. It is important we are able to keep pace with the industry at present and to try and look after its future needs, even in terms of maintenance. "Globally Weir places great emphasis on R&D and Weir Minerals Australia is the same. The company's design centre of origin for dewatering and fluid movement is based in Australia and this team is able to leverage off Weir's extensive footprint, the same as other Weir design teams are able to leverage off our footprint." Harvinder Bhabra says a lot of companies talk about innovation but at Weir it is part of the operational DNA. The group was found- ed in 1871 by brothers James and George Weir, who created a IN 2016 Weir Minerals celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of its most iconic brands – the Cavex® hydrocyclone. "When the first Cavex hydrocyclone was introduced, the industry was changed forever," said Weir Minerals global product manager for Cavex hydrocyclones. Debra Switzer. In 1996, a team of engineers from Warman International in Australia got together to develop the 'next big thing' in hydrocy- clones. What they came up with was revolutionary. The truly unique inlet geometry removed all sharp angles from the feed chamber, allowing slurry to move through the hydrocy- clone smoothly, which greatly reduced wear while increasing its efficiency. The new generation of hydrocyclones easily delivered up to three times the wear life of the old technology. The stream- line feed chamber is still in use today. When Weir Group acquired Warman International in 1999, it brought with it a myriad of improvements and modifications de- signed to ensure Cavex hydrocyclones provide excellent wear life along with maximum productivity, regardless of the applica- tion. In 2010, Weir Group acquired Linatex, which brought with it a range of highly specialised dewatering hydrocyclones and su- perior rubber products for lining. This was significant for Cavex hydrocyclones because it enhanced the portfolio and improved the hydrocyclone wear rates. In 2015, Weir Minerals introduced the Cavex 700CVX hydro- cyclone, designed specifically to meet the demands of Weir Min- erals' customers and which has been proven to achieve up to 50% higher throughput capacity than other competitor cyclones in the 26-inch diameter range due to its larger inlet and vortex finder configuration. "Product development never stops at Weir Minerals. Over the past two decades our team of engineers have developed ad- vanced lining technology for ultra-heavy duty applications, to withstand the demands of high volume abrasive materials," said Debra Switzer. Weir Minerals is set to redefine hydrocyclone efficiency again with the development of the new Synertrex® monitoring system. The latest technology in remote monitoring systems allows users to obtain operational data in real time, to ensure optimum perfor- mance and efficiency of their mill circuit. Today, there are more than 26,000 Cavex hydrocyclones oper- ating throughout the globe, making up more than a quarter of the global market share. Every single one of these hydrocyclones is backed by the extensive Weir Minerals service team. Weir Minerals' Cavex hydrocyclones consistently demonstrate their superior throughput capacity at this mining operation. Weir celebrates 20 years of Cavex Weir Multiflo multi-stage equipment in an underground application.

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