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VDMA 73 2017 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT to assemble and install," Reckmann said. "The electrical connections on its predecessor, the WK50, were much more complicated with dif- ferent plugs and cables. Now the cable ends attach to color-coded positions." The system calculates the load in the bucket based on hydraulic pressure and the bucket lift. "The WK60 operates well within the hydraulic limits of large wheel loaders used in open-pit mining operations as well as the large LHDs found underground. Because they only have 30 cm to 50 cm of lift, LHDs presented a problem at first. But now we have resolved those issues and the system works very well," Reckmann said. Pfreundt recently announced some improvements to its WK60 electronic weighing system, which will play an integral role in its "Speed Weigh Technology" for wheel loaders. This form of dynam- ic weighing allows a weight determination without disrupting the production process. Technology improvements have extended the measurement range to the point where the system can get an exact weight indication with a minimal bucket height, which could prove useful underground. In April, Pfreundt will unveil the WK60-XS, which will have an even smaller display, 5 in. compared to the 7 in. "This is important for confined operator cabins such as those found in mining," Reck- mann said. Pfreundt will present this new weighing system for the first time at Conexpo in Las Vegas in March. The Voith TurboBelt TT Linear Booster Drive allowed RAG to replace a steel cord belt with a cost-saving fabric belt. The display for the WK60 mobile weighing system looks a lot like today's tablets.

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