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VDMA 68 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2017 ture and provides the operators real-time information of the stock and material movement status. A reporting feature with a mass balance and material movement overview, as well as a 3D-Client, enables easy management and maximizes performance. With these features, an accurate ratio control in blending operations ensures the highest material quality standards. The reclaiming rates will be monitored and controlled to meet the strict quality requirements of Vale customers. Colombian Coal Loading System Last year, commissioned a coal handling system for the Port of Mamonal in Cartagena, Colom- bia. The use of modern conveyor technology now helps to transport and load coal efficiently, safely and in a more environmentally friendly method. Addressing the crowd at the opening, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos referred to the $160 million project as an "infra- structural revolution" that will expand the export opportunities of his country and immensely improve its competitiveness. The new port has created some 500 new jobs and another 470 directly or indirectly connected with port operations. The system consists of a 750-mt/h stacker and two 2,750-mt/h scraper reclaimers. A network of five 2,750-mt/h conveyors move coal from the reclaim piles to a 2,750-mt/h radial-type quadrant shiploader. The stacker has a cascade chute installed at the tip of the boom that not only helps to decrease dust but also to optimize the flow velocity of the material and to facilitate a softer landing to ensure that the grain size of the bulk material remains largely undamaged. The shiploader can fill ships up to 70,000 DWT without moving them. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos addresses the crowd at the grand opening of a $160 million project to improve coal handling systems. De- signed and engineered by FAM, the system consists of a stacker and two scraper reclaimers (inset photo). A total of five conveyors move coal from the reclaim piles to the 2,750-mt/h shiploader. Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal in Malaysia is Vale's first fully automatic operating port. ABB's process control system manages all plant equipment at the terminal, including all ship unloaders, conveyor belts, stackers and reclaimers. The unmanned yard machines are assisted by 3-D pile scanners and a global positioning system.

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