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VDMA 63 2017 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT valves of circulation valve controls tend to switch multiple times within a few seconds under certain circumstances, extremely high loads are imposed on the entire pump system thus generating pressure shocks. The first 530-kW quintuplex pump was followed by an 800-kW model. The two versions are already produced in series, and the op- erators benefit from significant cost savings in terms of energy con- sumption and maintenance and service bills: Three 800-kW pumps — one each as a master, slave and standby unit, a common con- stellation — are able to generate even very large volume flows at maximum pressures up to 3,500 bar, and thus typical face pressures of 350 bar to 380 bar, at highly economical rates. Another control combination, which is also quite common: The master pump is speed-controlled via frequency converters when two high-pressure pumps are in use. The slave pump takes over the basic load once the requirements exceed the delivery capacity of the master unit. Therefore, only one single-speed-controlled pump is needed to cover a very large control range, which is a substantial cost benefit especially for the mining industry considering the expenses caused by an ATEX-compliant frequency converter, which is approved for use in underground mines. The option of operating all pump models also in the vertical position creates the prerequisite for a space-saving, verti- cal installation in pump stations close to the face. The next development stage is already under preparation: In the medium term, KAMAT will add a quintuplex pump with a rating of 1,200 kW to its portfolio. New Ultraclass LHD The latest development of is the Load Haul Dump- er (LHD) LF-21H with a payload of 21 metric tons (mt). The LF-21H is the most powerful and efficient machine and the largest LHD in its class, according to the manufacturer. The LF-21H is equipped with the latest generation of GHH's hy- drostatic drivetrain, the Efficient Drive System (EDS). The EDS is op- timized for the rough conditions of underground mining and achieves both significant efficiency as well as productivity gains compared to conventional hydrodynamic drivetrains. In combination with an intel- ligent monitoring system, it guarantees simple operability as well as maintainability. Reduced fuel consumption, very low brake and tire wear as well as high robustness of the system minimize the operating costs. The eco-friendly engine complies with the latest standards, EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 final, and thus minimizes the underground ventilation requirement and provides 375 kW power. The focus is on ergonomics with a large foot box, two-pedal control with an inch-function and controls adjustable for all operator sizes. The LF-21H is available in different cabin variants for highly effi- cient mining in low seam applications of min. 2.5 m. A Z-link for hard rock applications is designed for high breakout forces and loading of matching dump trucks. A low profile version of this Z-link and the lowest machine height of its class provide superior visibility even in confined spaces. A great variety of optional assistance systems such as collision avoidance systems and the automatic loading mode grant a high safety standard and simple operation. Erlau AG | 73431 Aalen, Germany SAVE YOUR TYRES USING ERLAU TYRE PROTECTION CHAINS TIME TO CUT YOUR TYRE COSTS! SAVE YOUR TYRES USING ERLAU TYRE PROTECTION CHAINS TIME TO CUT YOUR TYRE COSTS!

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