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VDMA 57 2017 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT With a history that dates back to 1889, Dräger is an internation- al leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. The com- pany's portfolio of mine safety products including gas detection solu- tions, personal protective gear, innovative firefighting equipment, and thermal imaging cameras. Flameproof Technology Improves Safety and Profitability Safety and cost effectiveness are always a challenge with regard to underground mining and tunneling. For almost 50 years, the Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been focused on these issues and optimizes almost standard vehicles as well as customer requests for the best solutions. This year, the Paus LHD (PFL 30S) got a new face lift and is flameproof designed for more safety and mobility. Paus excels in lift technology, construction machines, industrial vehicles and, of course, underground mining and tunneling support worldwide. The company offers an all-in-one production with an increased awareness of safety and support. "The people who care," is the Paus philosophy. To care for cus- tomers' needs was the main issue when Hermann Paus founded his manufacturing company in 1968. He realized the special needs of this diversified mining industry and that was the first step in today's main business. Over the years, the Paus family has developed an impres- sive range of mining vehicles, trucks, loaders, scalers, graders and customized solutions — always with a focus on safety first. Regarding safety and innovation, all the company's manufacturing is centrally located, guaranteeing optimum one-source craftsmanship. The same applies for the new flameproof technology, which was developed at the Paus facilities in Emsbüren. The LHD (PFL 30S) has had several safety and ergonomic improvements. The drivers have more stability and comfort with more space. To enter, the miners use a direct side entrance in- stead of having the confrontation with the articulated joint behind the kinematic. The kinematic itself also changed from the former parallel linkage to the new z-kinematic to give more power and to increase speed of dumping. That means easy handling and efficient operations. The line of sight aspect for underground miners is always a concern. The Paus design team turned this disadvantage around and developed a solution that is impressive. They reduced the flameproof rear and made the motor-block more compact so that the driver's cab will be high enough for a better sight toward the rear. Making a more compact machine is not easy, especially when it comes to managing temperatures. Under EU Atex regulations, the motor temperature can be no higher than 150°C. Paus engineered a five-step cooling system to meet this standard. Exhaust gases are cooled through inside and outside lines. This awesome system can cool exhaust gas temperature down to 70°C. Additional flame barriers placed at the exhaust gas and air intake lines further guarantee safety in addition to encapsulated electric parts. For gassy mines, Paus has added intelligent sensors to the driver's cab to signal when gas has been detected. Paus produced a couple of these Atex flameproof LHDs (PFL 30S) in 2016 and now they have delivered a Universa 50 as a flame- proof vehicle. The Universa 50 is a chassis onto which many modules can be attached, such as a tire handler, maintenance unit (with an optional crane), a charging system for blasting agents, a concrete mixer and sprayer, or a scissor lift. Innovative vehicles are Paus' strength and in related news, the MinCa 5.1 is now available as a hybrid. It transports five min- ers and offers even more space for mining or tool equipment be- cause of the self-supporting chassis. All-wheel-drive, extremely stable axles and more stability through oil-immersed multiple disc brakes reflect the care about safety in mines. The 4-m length shortens the MinCa 5.1's turning radius, making it very agile. With mining and tunneling, there are always challenges and solutions and always "people who care." With safety in mind, Paus designed the MinCa 5.1, which can transport five miners and their gear.

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