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Volume 14 • Issue 1 | 2017 | ASIA Miner | 29 China 伊泰煤液化项目获批 公司位于内蒙古自治区的价值291亿元人民币(42 亿美元)的煤液化(CTL)项目获批。一经完成, 该项目预计将产出215万吨的柴油、石脑油、液化 石油气和液化天然气,以及157,700吨的其他化工 产品。 该公司的子公司内蒙古伊泰煤制油有限责任公司将 投资87.2亿元人民币于该项目,剩余资金由银行贷 款提供。 中国是世界上最大的能源消耗国,在其大型城市与 污染抗争的阶段,大规模未经检验的煤制气工艺被 用作刺激清洁能源使用的关键一环。 通过加热和添加催化剂,这些气体转化为合成燃料 和化工产品。 煤制气(CTG 和环境污染的解决方法。 2006年,伊泰投资了27亿元用于煤液化(CTL)试 点项目,自2009年竣工后,该项目每年生产160,000 4个煤液化(CTL)项 目,计划年产量达到2000万吨。 中国的煤液化(CTL)市场由4 别是神华集团、内蒙古伊泰、潞安集团以及兖矿集 团。神华宁夏煤业集团有限责任公司正在进行最大 的单体煤液化(CTL)设备的安装工作,计划产能 为400万吨。 根据伊泰集团下属的研究型公司中科合成油技术 400 元/吨,原油价格50-60美元/加仑的情况下,煤液化 (CTL)项目依然呈井喷之势。 伊泰集团拥有12座大型和中型的在产煤矿以及1座在 建的大型煤矿。年总生产那能力超5000万吨。 2005年,为了响应和满足鄂尔多斯市政府对当地煤 " " 的号召和要求,该公司开始进行技术改造。3年中, 该公司投资超30亿元将33座矿山整合为12座综合性 现代化煤矿。 LEADING coal producer Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co Ltd has gained approval for a 29.1 billion yuan (US$4.2 billion) coal-to-liquids (CTL) project in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Once completed, the project is ex- pected to produce 2.15 million tonnes of diesel, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas, as well as 157,700 tonnes of other chemical products. The company's subsidiary, Inner Mongo- lia Yitai CTO Co Ltd, will invest 8.72 billion yuan in the project with the remainder com- ing from bank loans. China is the world's biggest energy con- sumer and has made largely untested coal- to-gas technology a key part of its strategy to boost use of cleaner fuels as it battles pollution in its major cities. CTL technology uses coal to generate carbon monoxide and hydrogen through gasification. The gas is turned into synthetic fuel and chemical products by heating and adding catalysts. Coal-to-gas (CTG) and coal-to-liquids projects are seen as solutions for fuel short- ages and environmental pollution. In 2006, Yitai invested 2.7 billion yuan in its pilot CTL project, which has generated 160,000 tonnes of oil products a year since it was completed in 2009. Yitai has since launched four CTL projects and aims to pro- duce 20 million tonnes a year. Approval for Yitai CTL project One of the Yitai Group's modern new coal mines in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of northern China. China's CTL market is led by four coal gi- ants - Shenhua Group, Inner Mongolia Yitai, Lu'An Group and Yankuang Group. Shen- hua's Ningxia Coal Industry is developing the largest single CTL installation with tar- geted output of 4 million tonnes. CTL projects break even when the coal price is about 400 yuan per tonne with oil at $50-$60 a barrel, according to data from Synfuels China, a research company launched by the Yitai Group. Yitai Group has 12 large and medi- um-sized coal mines that have been put into production with one large mine under construction. Total annual production ca- pacity exceeds 50 million tonnes. In 2005, the company initiated a technical transformation in response to requirements imposed on local mines by Ordos munici- pal government to 'improve the production technology and the recovery ratio of coal resources'. In three years, the company invested more than 3 billion Yuan and in- tegrated 33 mines into 12 comprehensive, modern coal mines.

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