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28 | ASIA Miner | Volume 14 • Issue 1 | 2017 China 甲玛项目扩建开始提速 中国黄金国际资源有限公司已经完成了位于西藏自 治区的甲玛多金属项目第 2阶段第 1系列的扩建工 程。该公司预计此项目的日最大处理能力到2017年7 月前提高至22,000吨。 第2阶段扩建工程由两个系列构成,每系列的日采矿 和矿石处理能力都为22,000吨。第1系列的调试计划 于2016年12 6,000吨增加至28,000吨。 在3季度报中,中金资源预计2016年将产金235,000 盎司、铜3,860万吨。除了甲玛项目,同时该公司还 经营位于内蒙古自治区的长山壕黄金项目。 3季度,甲玛项目产铜 4,836吨,较 2015年同期的 3,934吨提高了23%。该季的营业收入达到了3,120万 美元,较2015年同期的3,750万美元有所下降。 甲玛项目铜的每磅现金生产成本下降了15%,得益 于所售铜精矿的更高的铜品位以及更多的副产品 金,该季度甲玛项目铜的每磅总生产成本下降了 9%。 长山壕项目的产金量降低至46,654盎司, 2015年 同期的产量是57,981盎司,这主要是因为所采矿石 品位的下降所致。2016年3季度,长山壕项目售金 共计59,610盎司,2015年同期的售金量为56,741盎 司,营业收入7,840万美元,较2015年同期的6,240 万美元有所增加。 长山壕项目2016年3季度产金的现金成本和总成本 较2015年同期有所增长,主要原因是更高的废石处 理成本。 中金资源表示为了全面完成增长计划,该公司与其 母公司中国黄金以及其他利益相关方紧密合作来探 寻中国以外的潜在的国际矿业并购机会,目标是在 产或可迅速投入生产并且通过持续探矿具备扩建可 能的矿山。 CHINA Gold International Resources has completed the phase II series I expansion project at the Jiama Polymetallic Project in Tibet Autonomous Region. The company expects the project will ramp up to full daily capacity of 22,000 tonnes by July 2017. The phase II expansion consists of two series with each having a daily mining and mineral processing capacity of 22,000 tonnes. Commissioning of series I was due to begin in December 2016 and this will increase daily nameplate capacity from 6000 tonnes to 28,000 tonnes. In its September quarter report, China Gold said that total gold production of 235,000 ounces and copper production of 38.6 mil- lion pounds was expected in 2016. The company operates the Jiama project as well as the CSH Gold Project in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. During the quarter copper production at Jiama increased by 23% to 4836 tonnes from 3934 tonnes for the corresponding period of 2015. Revenue for the quarter was US$31.2 million, down from $37.5 million in the 2015 period. The cash production cost of copper per pound at Jiama de- creased 15% and total production cost of copper per pound de- creased by 9% for the three months due to higher copper grade and higher volume of by product gold sold in copper concentrate. Gold production at CSH decreased to 46,654 ounces, down from 57,981 ounces in the 2015 quarter with the decrease attributed to lower grades of ore mined. Gold sold from CSH totalled 59,610 ounces for the 2016 third quarter, compared to 56,741 ounces for the same period in 2015 while revenue was US$78.4 million, up from $62.4 million in the corresponding 2015 period. At CSH the cash production cost and total production cost of gold for the three months ended September 30, 2016 increased compared with the same period in 2015 due to higher waste rock removal costs. China Gold said that to fulfil its growth strategy, it was working with parent company China National Gold and other interested parties to identify potential international mining acquisition opportunities, namely projects outside of China, which are in production or can be readily and quickly brought into production with the possibility of further expansion through continued exploration. Jiama expansion begins ramp-up The Jiama mine recently hosted a Lhasa government delegation aimed at promoting the development of industry. The delegation was led by Guo Guo, Deputy Secretary of the Lhasa Municipal Committee and Mayor of Lhasa.

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